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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Safety on the Road This Summer

Typically when we think of unsafe driving conditions, we think of winter driving. Yet the statics show that there are far more fatal accidents over the summer months, most likely due to people getting out on the road for vacations and an increase in road work. There’s a lot you can do, however, to minimize your risk of getting in an accident. A little bit of prevention can go a long way!   More teens on the road: Not only does this add to the sheer number of vehicles on the road, but also the number of inexperienced drivers makes for more reasons to proceed with caution. Encourage your teen to follow safe-driving practices such as no cell phones or eating while driving. Motorcycles, bikes, pedestrians: We are sharing the road with an increase in not just teenagers, but other folks wanting to take advantage of the sunshine. Give yourself 4 seconds behind a motorcycle and make sure to keep your sunglasses handy to that the glare won’t keep you from seeing cyclists a ... read more


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8 Tips for Buying a Car

Buying a new car, even if it’s just new to you, is a huge deal. So many choices these days and it can be difficult to narrow down the field as well as the decision of who to trust. The better prepared you are before walking onto a lot or someone’s driveway, the more power you have to negotiate and the more confidence you will exude. Take your time and do your research. It will serve you well! Here’s a list of the top 8 things to do to prepare for your next automobile purchase:   Get your financing in order. Whether it’s your local credit union or nationwide bank, it’s important to know your buying power. It’s also important to know what kind of monthly payments you can truly afford that will work within your budget. Also, listen to what the local dealership has to offer because sometimes they really can deliver the best financing option. Define what’s really important to you ahead of time. That list is going to be different for a teenag ... read more


Auto Maintenance

Top 5 Obscure (yet really cool) Monterey Spots to Check Out This Summer

If you live in the Monterey area, you know what a fantastic place it is and how many beautiful things there are to see and do. This time of year is lovely and calls us out to explore. Are you ready to get your adventure on but you want to stay local? Are you tired of the same old, yet fantastic, attractions? Here are 5 of the more obscure, yet relaxed, places you may not have already checked out. Who doesn't love a good pastry or taste of chocolate? The artisans at Parker-Lusseau Pastries bring you the very best of France and the U.S. with decades of knowledge and experience crafting the finest pastries and chocolates. They aim to delight all of your senses and offer a luscious way to start your day or decorate your holiday table. You simply cannot miss with one of their creations, and, they are easy to find, now having three local eateries. Yum! Wowza! Talk about soul-filling beauty. Lonely yet lovely as the ... read more



The Joys of Waterborne Paint

At Robert’s Collision & Repair we’ve held a long-existing standard of excellence and environmental consciousness, and when it comes to protecting our local environment, we go the extra mile. That’s why we use waterborne paint for all of our automotive painting services. Regular automotive paint is very high in solvents (75%) which is a leading cause of environmental damage. These solvents are made up of Volatile Organic Compounds… while ‘organic’ is often a good word and one we look for, when it’s coupled with ‘volatile,’ then that drastically changes the meaning.   European countries have long been using waterborne paint, and Canada made a move more than a decade ago. The US might be lagging behind a bit, but we are slowly catching up. Waterborne paint is made up of 75% WATER! That’s a massive decrease in the solvents that contribute to environmental damage.   One of the benefits of this newer technology is ... read more


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