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Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Latest in Driver Safety Technology

With all the information out there about technology that inhibits driver safety, it’s worth taking a look at the other side of things: technology that makes our driving safer. Consider something as accepted as seatbelts! In the history of cars, seat belts are still a relatively new adaptation to cars, keeping driver and passengers that much safer in case of an accident. Let’s take a look at some of the latest tech when it comes to our daily commutes.   GPS Whether it’s Garmin, Tom-Tom, Google Maps, Apple Maps, or however you endearingly refer to your electronic navigator, GPS mapping apps and devices have changed the way we travel. The cost of technology like this ranges from free apps to aftermarket vehicle additions that range in price. But because of our GPS, you hardly see someone driving around with a map folded out in front of them.   Back-Up Cameras Once you have one, you won’t know how you went about parallel parking and backing up with ... read more



My Car is Not Accelerating: What Does it Mean?

At Robert’s Collision & Repair, we hear about this particular issue very frequently. So from the experts, here are a couple reasons why your car might not be accelerating.   Emergency Brake First things first, check if your emergency brake is on. This prevents you from moving at all, and it’s a pretty common mistake.   Neutral Similarly, if your car is set in neutral, it may stay at a stand still just as with an emergency brake or roll away unintentionally. This is another easy mistake with a pretty easy solution.   Electrical Issues This is not so much an easy solution. Electrical issues will require a maintenance professional to take a look at your car. Often, it has to do with the car misreading its own pollution error. Luckily, we know a great mechanic! (hint: it’s us!)   Worn Timing Belt This simply means that you’ll need your timing belt repaired or r ... read more


Car Repair

5 Steps to Declutter Your Vehicle

There are many ways to clean and organize your car, but all of them start with some good, old-fashioned spring cleaning. Here are our 5 steps to de-cluttering your car!   Cleaning. Yes, it’s the top of the list. Vacuuming the seats and floors, wiping down the dash and console, vacuuming the floor mats, washing your vehicle, and protecting it with wax or a sealant. All these regular cleaning tasks may be chores, but it’s the best place to start when tidying and sorting out the goodies from the trash in your car. Next, consider what you really need to have in your car. Return your mugs and water bottles, and miscellaneous containers to their rightful place indoors for a good wash. It would also do some good to go through your glove box, center console, and other storage compartments in your car. Do you really need every single paper evidencing your car’s SMOG from 2003 until now? Keep the necessary paperwork, and store or shred the rest. Tackle the trunk. I ... read more


Auto Maintenance

March 2017 Special: Free Check Engine Light Scan

March 2017 Special:  Free Check Engine Light Scan Does not include diagnosis or repair. Offer valid through March 31, 2017. One coupon per visit. Not valid with other specials and offers.   Does your “Check Engine” light turn on when you start your vehicle and stay on? If yes, your vehicle is trying to tell you something’s up. It may be as simple as your gas cap isn’t sealed properly, or something more serious. Either way, it is important to get to the bottom of what’s happening, and that is why we are offering a Free Check Engine Light Scan during the month of March.   Robert’s will connect our diagnostic equipment to your vehicle and perform a scan for any system faults. Any fault codes will be recorded and documented. Charges will apply for actual diagnosis and repair. To take advantage of this March special of a Free Check Engine Light Scan, schedule an appointment with our Service Department at 831-373-1534 and mention this o ... read more


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