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  • Why Should I have my Car Detailed?

    Monday 27 August 2018

    Americans have a love affair with our vehicles. We cherish their beauty, styling, as well as the overall driving experience. They provide freedom, both real and perceived. Some people don’t see the value in paying to have their car detailed. Those who do truly understand the benefits of doing so as well as thoroughly enjoying the end results.  Just in case you’re curious, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the top reasons why it’s a worthy investment: Chemical bug r... read more

  • The Micro Bus is Coming Back…

    Monday 19 February 2018

    In his 1967 song “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree,” Arlo Guthrie mentioned what is probably the quintessential hippy vehicle. To help out restaurant owner Alice, Arlo and his friend decided to take out the restaurant’s garbage:   We took the half a ton of garbage, Put it in the back of a red VW Microbus took shovels and rakes and implements of destruction and headed On toward the city dump   Those iconic 60s buses command high prices today and are in high... read more

  • How Does Robert’s Collision & Repair Handle Dent Repair & Auto Detailing?

    Sunday 10 September 2017

    At Robert’s Collision & Repair, we are known as the premier auto body shop on the Monterey Peninsula. Ninety percent of our business handles auto body repair from minor dents and scratches to major automotive restoration, while the remaining ten percent of our business handles mechanical repair. We see a lot of auto body repairs in our shop after vehicles have been involved in some form of accident. The accidents can be minor... read more

  • Don’t Ignore It When You Hit a Curb

    Monday 19 December 2016

    We have witnessed many of our customer's cars suffer damage from hitting the curb. When the winter roads are slick, you are more likely to, unfortunately, hit the curb. It may seem as if this is a small mistake, but it can, in fact, inflict lasting damage on your vehicle. If you have hit the curb recently, we recommend contacting Robert’s Collision and Repair, so we can have a look at  your vehicle:     Even if you are going as slow as 5-10 mph, the impact from the c... read more

  • What Happens During My Auto Body Repair?

    Monday 07 May 2012

    Many wonder what the process for auto body repair after an auto accident. At Robert’s Auto Repair, our goal is to take a bunch of lemons and turn them into lemonade for our customers. Here is the general process of what happens after an auto accident takes place, until the automobile is fully restored: When you arrive, you are greeted by our repair estimators. We will estimate your vehicle, then move it into production. Once it goes into production, we disassemble the vehicle and inspect it fo... read more

  • Why Should I Remove Cosmetic Scratches and Small Dents?

    Monday 27 February 2012

    If your vehicle is over 1 year old, chances are it has accumulated small scratches and dents along the doors, bumpers, and where tree branches may have rubbed against the paint. If you repair those scratches and dents, you will protect the value of your vehicle and feel that special sense of pride knowing that your ride looks great! In addition to major auto body and painting, Robert’s Auto Repair offers cosmetic repairs for all those unavoidable minor dents and surface marks. Here is a video de... read more

  • Go Green with Waterborne Paint

    Monday 05 September 2011

    We are very proud of our Green certification from the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program. Robert’s Auto Repair was the first and only Green shop in the area using waterborne paint, which is friendly to our planet and your vehicle. Waterborne Paint is better for the environment and your vehicle for several reasons: Going Green does not mean we sacrifice quality. We are proud to have installed environmentally friendly waterborne paint technology which creates a safer working environment for... read more

  • Customer Testimonial for Body Work and Customer Rewards Card

    Monday 11 July 2011

    The other week, I did something dumb.  I backed up into a pole without realizing it was there.  My brand new 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman (aptly named Pepe Le Bleu since he’s peppy, he’s true blue, and has white bonnet stripes) not only had its first scratch, but I completely broke the rear passenger tail light.  Major bummer!  My poor car! Being the gal who does marketing projects for Robert’s Auto Repair, I knew exactly where to take my Mini for auto body repair....Robert’s Auto Repair... read more

  • Our New Spot Welder

    Tuesday 01 February 2011

    Exciting things are happening around Robert's Auto Repair. We have installed our state-of-the-art Spot Welder equipment system that will drastically improve the turnaround time on most of our auto body repairs. Yay! We're all giddy with excitement, and we can get lost in all the techie terms that come with this system, but here's what this system means to you in layman's terms. Its special rack and all of its corresponding tools will allow us to precisely weld your vehicle back together in su... read more

  • We're Getting A Facelift!

    Sunday 02 January 2011

    Robert's Auto Repair is known for being a "spa for your car".  With our "facials" (detailing and waterborne painting services), our "pedicures" (tire service), and "re-hydration" (coolant and radiator services) offerings, its only natural that we would get a "facelift". Drumroll, please... After 14 months of planning, we will soon break ground on the new facade of Robert's Auto Repair.  Isn't it pretty? If you've never given a "facelift" to your business before, here's a snippet of our 14-mont... read more

  • Autumn Leaves

    Monday 04 October 2010

    Ahhh, Fall. Autumn leaves begin to fall past the window... The air is fresh and the weather lovely... And the lucky car parked under a tree catches the birdie poop falling from above. Err....okay, so bird poop happens! Anyway, if you're looking to bring your car into Robert's Auto Repair "car spa" and get it detailed, we'd love to do it for you. Everyone likes it when they are clean and pretty, bright and shiny...including your vehicle. Bring your car, truck, or motorcycle in to Robert... read more

  • What Is Waterborne Paint?

    Monday 12 July 2010

    Robert's Auto Repair is very proud to be the only green-certified auto body shop in the Monterey Peninsula.  What makes us so green?  Mostly, its our environmentally-friendly paint that we use on the vehicles. Here is a definition of waterborne paint: "Waterborne paints have been evaluated as alternatives to solvent-based paints. The volatile organic compound (VOC) content of waterborne paints is significantly lower than conventional solvent-based paints, thereby reducing VOC emissions. Waterbo... read more

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