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  • The Joys of Waterborne Paint

    Monday 04 June 2018

    At Robert’s Collision & Repair we’ve held a long-existing standard of excellence and environmental consciousness, and when it comes to protecting our local environment, we go the extra mile. That’s why we use waterborne paint for all of our automotive painting services. Regular automotive paint is very high in solvents (75%) which is a leading cause of environmental damage. These solvents are made up of Volatile Organic Compounds… while ‘organic’ is often... read more

  • Interesting Facts About Car Paint

    Monday 16 April 2018

    In a 1909 meeting, Henry Ford said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” In the century-plus since he said that, manufacturers—including Ford—have relaxed that requirement somewhat, offering vehicles painted in a rainbow of colors, up to and including actual rainbows. When you look around while driving, though, it seems like there are just a few colors in everyday use. That begs the question: “just what are the most... read more

  • Barn Finds

    Monday 19 March 2018

      We’ve all heard the stories about someone going into their grandparents’ barn to discover a rare classic car buried under a coating of dust and junk. One would think that by now, all those lucky finds would have been found, but they’re still cropping up. For instance, last year a one-of-a-kind 1969 Ferrari Daytona was found in a garage in Japan. The GTB/4, originally sold to a close friend of Enzo Ferrari himself, is the only remaining aluminum bodied example in existen... read more

  • Paint is Discolored and Wearing Away: What Does it Mean?

    Monday 22 May 2017

        As cars age, you often begin to see discoloration, staining, peeling… all sorts of problems appearing with paint. Although these can be staved off with regular washing and waxing, many have specific, sometimes preventable causes. At Robert’s Collision and Repair, we’ve seen it all when it comes to paint job problems, and we have all the tools and talent to sand down, repaint, repair, and wax your car’s paint job until it is seamless and shiny again. But ju... read more

  • It’s All In The Detailing… The Ultimate Facial for Exterior Paint

    Monday 17 April 2017

    If you just made your final car payment and want to celebrate this milestone, why not treat your vehicle to an Ultimate Facial? Robert’s Collision & Repair offers an Ultimate Facial for Exterior Paint that will help bring back the showroom floor luster your vehicle had when it was brand new.   This Ultimate Facial for Exterior Paint is only $250.00, and is available by appointment. Rental cars are available as needed. Here’s what the Ultimate Facial for Exterior Paint incl... read more

  • Frequent Misconceptions About Paint

    Monday 01 June 2015

    Do my parts come already painted from the factory? Some do, some don’t.  Some parts, like bumpers and moldings come painted from the dealers, but some are blanks that need to be painted.  However, if the painted part comes already painted, there is no guarantee that it’ll match the paint on your car.  Sometimes it is better to mix the paint from scratch to match the tint and shade of your vehicle as closely as possible, especially if your vehicle has been weathered or faded over time... read more

  • Eco-Friendly Waterborne Auto Paint

    Monday 22 September 2014

    Robert’s Collision & Repair uses the latest technology in our auto body and repair shop. High-tech paint that dries super fast is among the many high-tech tools we utilize to restore your vehicle after an accident. Akzo Nobel is the world’s largest paint and coating manufacturer. We choose to use some of their products because they are a paint company that believes in producing technologically innovative products that are environmentally responsible. You’ve probably heard us mention that... read more

  • What Is The Ultimate Facial For Exterior Paint?

    Monday 10 March 2014

    When people buy a new car, they often bring it to Robert’s Auto Repair right away for an Ultimate Facial. This is our premier detailing service that includes a complete micro buff, Clay Magic, and complete Carnauba Wax for just $250. Many people ask us, “Why would I give my brand new car an Ultimate Facial? The paint is perfect already as it is.” The reason many people choose the Ultimate Facial for Exterior Paint is that it protects your car’s paint for up to two years. It seals the paint and r... read more

  • How to Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint From the Sun

    Monday 30 July 2012

    At Robert’s Auto Repair, we can do several things to protect your vehicle’s paint from the harsh sun: 1.  Complete detail and waxing services from our Detailing Center.  If you'd like to restore your vehicle to that new car finish look, then we can offer you the ultimate facial to your exterior paint. By using clay magic and wax and with the help of a complete microbuff, we can get rid of those microscopic scratches left behind from previous washes. ... read more

  • Can My Car Get A Sunburn?

    Monday 23 August 2010

    Today's cars frequently have very long lives, and the original paint on many cars last well past 10 years, if maintained properly.  Older vehicles tend to show their age over time, due to constant exposure to the sun, bird poop, sea air, scratches, dings, and suicidal insects. For those cars that do not get garaged frequently, the paint eventually develops what is known as "sunburn".  In order to make your car look years younger, it may be a good idea to repaint the car. At... read more

  • What's The Spa Treatment, Really?

    Monday 28 June 2010

    At Robert's Auto Repair, we pride ourselves on pampering you and your vehicles.  We are the premier auto body repair center on the Monterey Peninsula and very proud of it. Yes, we repair your vehicle, a lot like other auto shops do, but do they hand wash your car before you pick it up? Do other mechanics have the state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment to refurbish your car to factory specifications? Can other auto shops do the same level of work and complete the project as rapidly as Robert's Au... read more

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