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  • Celebrate Christmas in Monterey

    Monday 10 December 2018

    Monterey is such an incredibly beautiful part of the country. We are spoiled and that’s for certain. Spoiled by the unparalleled beauty that surrounds us, the weather that is beyond compare, and our local community that offers endless entertainment and delicious foods. Isn’t it nice to not have to shovel snow or put on a parka just to go outside and get the mail? “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” has a whole different meaning to the residents of Monterey... read more

  • Wildfire Preparation

    Monday 03 December 2018

    In the wake of what seems like an endless California fire season, the team at Robert’s Collision & Repair would like to take a moment to stand in gratitude for everything we often take for granted. While we are grateful, we also grieve for all those who have lost so much in the devastation that continues throughout our Golden State. Below are some suggestions to help you be prepared in case of a wildfire heads into your neighborhood. What you can do before a wildfire is heading y... read more

  • How to Deal with Traffic During the Holiday Season

    Monday 05 November 2018

    Did you know that during the holiday season, road traffic can increase up to 25%? That’s more than any other time of the year and can mean longer travel times and more stress. At Robert’s Collision & Repair, we know how stressful this kind of travel can be, but we also know there are ways to make it better.  Start by scheduling your vehicle’s regular maintenance. This way you’ll know that all of your fluids, belts, tires, battery and other important car parts ar... read more

  • Halloween safety tips for drivers and trick-or-treaters

    Monday 22 October 2018

    We all know that Halloween is a night full of ghosts and goblins and, of course, candy. We also all know that Halloween is a night we should use extra caution while driving through our neighborhoods, but let’s take a moment to refresh. First of all, if you and/or your child/children are walking the streets Halloween night, be on the defensive. You may have the cutest most awesome costume in the world, but especially if it’s a dark color, take a few precautions to ensure you are seen... read more

  • What Noises are NOT Good Noises

    Monday 08 October 2018

    Just like a human, sometimes your car gives you signs that things aren’t going so well and it’s time to bring your vehicle into Robert’s Collision & Repair before it gets worse. Sometimes, also like a human, they keep it to themselves and just keep moving along. The later situation is exactly why regular maintenance is so important as it gives our auto mechanics a chance to see what might be creeping up before it turns into a real problem. The following, however, is a short... read more

  • The 6 Most Likely Things To Go Wrong With Your Car!

    Monday 24 September 2018

    You know you’re having a bad day when… Anyone of these items on the list below is cause for at least a partially challenging day, but it could ALWAYS be worse, right? The good news is that you have an awesome auto repair shop just around the corner at Robert’s Collision & Repair in Monterey and while we are very adept at repairing collision damage, we’d much rather see you for easy to fix problems like the top auto repair problems we do see on a regular basis: Dead... read more

  • Who in the world would pay more than $1,000,000 for a sports car: McLaren in the spotlight.

    Monday 17 September 2018

    Apparently, there are PLENTY of people around the globe who will pay that and more! For more than 99% of the world’s population, however, that’s an event that is difficult to even begin to conceive. Bugatti, Lamborghini, Aston Martin… those are just a few in the million-dollar club. McLaren stands among (in not above) them and brings its own uniqueness to the lineup.   In 1953, at the age of 15, Bruce McLaren retrofitted an Austin 7 Ulster (all on his own!) into a racing... read more

  • Safe cars: what makes them safe and what are the top-rated safe cars on the road?

    Monday 10 September 2018

      What do you think about when buying a car? Money is usually the number one consideration, but safety falls right in behind. The average American will be in 4 automobile accidents in their lifetime. Knowing that makes a person want to find a car that is not only cost-effective, reliable, but SAFE!  So, what makes a car safe? A lot more goes into answering that question than most people think: Seat belts: adjustable upper belts to adjust for a person’s size; seat belt pretensio... read more

  • The Corvette: A look at the original model and what we can expect in the next generation.

    Monday 09 July 2018

      What American does not LOVE a Corvette?? Okay… there may be a couple, but they are few and far between. This car represents the American dream, baby. Sleek in design and fast on the road, able to hug the tightest curves and, damn, do you look good in the driver’s seat! Let’s go back to 1953 when Chevrolet drove its first Corvette off the assembly line. $3,490 would have put you in one of the 300 Corvette’s produced that first year. They were all white convertible... read more

  • Do German Car Designers Have A Sense Of Humor? We Think Yes.

    Monday 21 May 2018

    Proving that even a serious German automobile giant like Porsche has a sense of humor, just take a look at a news release the company issued on April 1, 2018:   Porsche announces Mission E Tractor Plugging into the future of all-electric agriculture.   Porsche AG is delighted to announce the latest addition to the Mission E model line. Following the successful debut of the Mission E Cross Turismo at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, Porsche is heading even further off road... read more

  • The Highway 68 Roundabout

    Monday 26 February 2018

      When the now-completed roundabout project was first announced, it was met with skepticism. But since its completion, the newly-designed intersection has significantly reduced the bottleneck of traffic that was a daily nuisance on the Holman Highway/Highway 1 merge.   Experienced drivers are having no trouble navigating the feature, and even first-time drivers seem to get the hang of the technique quickly. For those who have not driven t... read more

  • 5 Steps to Buying a New Car

    Monday 29 January 2018

      Getting a new car is a big step and one of the biggest purchases we make in our lifetime. There are many components that need to be considered before purchasing that vehicle that suits your needs and lifestyle.   Here are some important steps to takes that could make the car buying process faster, safer, and cheaper.   1. Research the car and features   There are a vast array of websites that have pictures and descriptions of available automobiles currently on the ma... read more

  • Aftermarket Parts vs. Factory Parts

    Monday 18 September 2017

    Here at Robert’s Collision & Repair in Monterey, CA, several of our customers ask us about our use of aftermarket parts vs. factory parts. Each auto repair we do brings unique opportunities to use parts that are straight from the factory or parts that are made by other vendors. Here’s an overview of our philosophy on aftermarket parts versus factory parts. When it comes to auto body repair, we strive to always restore your vehicle back to factory standards. That is why we have a... read more

  • September 2017 Special: 10% discount on labor up to $100 for any mechanical repair or service.

    Friday 01 September 2017

    September 2017 Special: 10% discount on labor up to $100 for any mechanical repair or service. Offer valid through September 9, 2017. One coupon per visit. Not valid with other specials and offers.   In honor of Labor Day, we want to celebrate by offering our clients a 10% discount up to $100 for any mechanical repair or service. Call it a labor of love, but we want our customers to know how much they mean to us, and that is why we are discounting 10% off labor up to $100 for any mechanic... read more

  • Most Common Car Repairs During the Summer

    Monday 19 June 2017

    For many families, the car gets a lot more mileage during the summer than during the fall, winter, and spring. As many field trips and daily commutes as there may be, the road trips to visit family and four-wheeling up to the very best camping site are far more rigorous for most vehicles. That’s why we recommend scheduling a trip to see us at Robert's Collision and Repair as soon as possible so that we can check out your car from top to bottom. We want to make sure you don’t get... read more

  • May 2017 Monthly Offer -- $25 Off repairs totaling $150 or more in labor expenses.

    Monday 01 May 2017

    May 2017 Monthly Offer -- $25 Off repairs totaling $150 or more in labor expenses. Offer valid through May 30, 2017. One coupon per visit. Not valid with other specials and offers.   If you need help saving money during the month of May, take advantage of our monthly offer: $25 off repairs totaling $150 or more in labor expenses.   This offer includes important things your car needs, like:   Shocks & strut replacement Axle (CV) boot replacement Brake replacement Spark... read more

  • My Car is Not Starting: What Does it Mean?

    Monday 27 February 2017

    The deafening grinding and desperate sputtering failure of a car that has just about had it. We know the dread setting feeling well at Robert’s Collision & Repair, and we also know just how to alleviate the dread so you can get moving again. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk you through it!   But what exactly is going on when that engine just won’t start? Well, as you may have guessed, there are many answers to this question. We’ll address a few of the... read more

  • Excellent Auto Repair -- It’s All In The Process

    Monday 22 June 2015

    Robert’s Collision & Repair is the premier auto repair center on the Monterey Peninsula for a good reason:  Excellent Auto Repair Processes. To the average customer, what they see at an auto repair facility is how well the staff interacts with them, that they drop off their vehicle in one condition, and that they pick up their vehicle in better condition. However, there is so much more that goes into the auto repair process. From simple mechanical repair to extensive auto body repair... read more

  • Check Engine Light: What To Do When It Comes On

    Monday 19 January 2015

    You are driving along, and suddenly, your vehicle’s check engine light starts flashing. What does this mean, and exactly what should you do next? Basically, check engine lights monitor your car’s performance. When that light is on, your car has diagnosed an electronic-control system and is unable to repair it. The check engine light means different things for different models of car, so start reading your car’s manual. The problem in your vehicle’s engine may be a small one or something more wor... read more

  • The Importance of Brake Service and Brake Repair (en espanol) La importancia del servicio y la reparación de los frenos de tu auto

    Monday 14 October 2013

    Una de las cosas más comunes a las que las personas no le prestan la debida atención e importancia es al servicio y reparación de los frenos de sus autos. El sistema de frenos es el sistema pasivo más importante de un vehículo no solo porque nos ayuda a disminuir la velocidad a la que conducimos y a parar cuando es necesario, pero también porque nos ayuda a prevenir accidentes en una situación de emergencia. Generalmente el sistema de frenos es bastante confiable siempre y cuando se le de el ser... read more

  • The Wheel Alignment Machine at Robert’s Auto Repair

    Monday 11 February 2013

    Unless you’ve visited the backlot of Robert’s Auto Repair, chances are you have not personally seen our state-of-the-art wheel alignment machine. This wheel alignment machine does some really cool stuff to make your vehicle meet factory standards, including: It features 3D cameras that match the alignment based on the car, and not influenced by the platform The measurement system is equipped with double digital cameras and four target disks, supplying revolutionary measurement mode There is no... read more

  • It's All In The Details

    Monday 30 August 2010

    They say the devil is in the details, but we, at Robert's Auto Repair, believe that its the details that make us special. Customer Service Details--we pay attention to the little details about your vehicle, your needs, and we pride ourselves on our customer service.  We even go to the trouble to wash your vehicle before we return it to you and text you when your vehicle is ready for pick-up. Atmospheric Details--our facility is beautiful, clean, and has plenty of n... read more

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