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Traveling with Fido

Traveling with Fido

For many of us, some of our very best friends are furry and have four legs and we don’t like to leave them behind. Traveling with Fido can be wonderful. It can also be challenging. When we plan ahead and remember that they have needs too, it usually can be a lovely harmonious experience.  Take breaks: Every couple of hours to take a potty break and stretch your legs and theirs.  Hydrate: They need to stay hydrated just like you do. It doesn’t require fancy expensive bowls off of Amazon. Simple goes a long way and water rules. Seatbelts: Seatbelts for all! As much as seat belts keep you safe, they do that for Fido too. They can also prevent Fido from turning into a projectile and that would be terrible for you both.  Fido-friendly places to stay: You might be surprised just how many places are open to Fido staying with you. Doesn’t even require you to sneak him in under the cover of darkness. Check out https://www.bri ... read more


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