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Safety During The First Rains Of The Season

Unless you’ve been on a very long vacation, far away from California, you know we are in the middle of a record-breaking drought. The weather forecast for this Autumn predicts El Nino weather, which means that we should expect heavier-than-normal rainfall. However, while there is still about a two in three chance that El Niño will develop, perhaps in the next two months, it would most likely be weak.

Though the drought may not be over, we will, indeed, see rainfall this Autumn, which means we need to be extra safe while driving during the season’s first rains. As you may recall, the first rains of Autumn are the most dangerous, thanks to the months-long buildup of oil on the roadways. Once the first rains hit the ground, the roads become extra slick and drivers have a tough time avoiding hazardous conditions.

If you happen to be driving during the first rains of the season, keep these important safety tips in mind:

Slow down. Wet pavement causes tires to lose traction and vehicles become more difficult to handle.

Avoid standing water on roadways. Not only can you hydroplane and lose control, but you can impair your vision and other drivers' visibility by splashing through puddles.

Don't use cruise control. It can cause your car to accelerate when hydroplaning and reduces driver attentiveness.

Increase your following distance. Give other vehicles plenty of room and brake early with reduced force.

If your car begins to hydroplane, do not brake or turn the wheel abruptly as this may cause your vehicle to go into a skid or spin. Take your foot off the gas and keep the wheel straight until your car reclaims traction. Brake gently if needed.

If you do happen to get into an accident while driving on slick, wet roads, you can take solace in the fact that Robert’s Collision & Repair is here to assist you. We know it is never fun to get into an auto accident, and we will help you with the entire process -- from coordinating with your insurance company, to setting you up with a rental car, to providing top-notch auto body repair on your vehicle.

In addition to auto body repair, you can expect fast & dependable oil changes, tire service, auto detailing, and car maintenance services at Robert’s Collision & Repair in Monterey, backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call our auto body facility at 831-373-1535 to schedule your appointment at 234 Ramona Avenue in Monterey, CA.


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