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Ten Things to do while waiting on your car:

  1. Check in! While you’re at it, why not ‘Like’ us on Facebook? We like to think we post some fun stuff!
  2. Take a couple selfies to document your waiting adventure. Picking the right filter will surely take up a good 7-10 minutes, and maybe you’ll remind your Instagram and Twitter followers to get their cars serviced!
  3. Check and respond to any text messages or emails, Mr/s. Popular!
  4. Scroll mindlessly through your Facebook and Twitter feeds.
  5. Conquer level 252 in Candy Crush. Then, let us know how you got past it!
  6. Make your grocery list. Already have one? Organize it, so you can get in and out of the store more quickly.
  7. Schedule a reminder for your next oil change on your phone.
  8. Look at that! Your car is probably done! If not, get back on Facebook. Your friends have probably posted more baby pictures by now.
  9. When in doubt, go to Pinterest for some Pinspiration! There are probably boards dedicated to things to do while waiting.
  10. Did you have a wonderful experience? Don’t forget to leave us a review on Google!

Choosing a New Auto Repair Shop When You’re Moving

Whether you are moving or sending your child off to college, choosing a new auto repair shop is an important, and often forgotten, step in the process. Here are five questions to ask when searching for your new shop...

  1. How long has the shop been in business? Don’t completely write off new shops (everyone starts somewhere), but it can be a good sign when a shop has been around for a while.
  2. Does the shop have an online presence? Does the shop have a website, social media presence and/or online reviews? These can be a huge resource in making the right decision.
  3. Does the shop use up-to-date technology? Current technology performs more accurate diagnostics on your vehicle in order to fix it right the first time.
  4. Do you feel comfortable in the shop? The cleanliness, helpfulness of the staff and even the location in relation to you are all important factors in deciding where to take your car.
  5. Most importantly: ask us! As with all good professionals, good technicians have a network. Also, we'll be glad to provide you with a summary of your maintenance records as a care package for your new automotive provider.


Top 20 cars that will make it to 200k miles:

Top 20 Cars | May We Offer A Suggestion

Is your car in the top 20 cars most likely to reach 200k miles? Find out here!

Regardless of whether or not your car made it on the list, preventative maintenance is the only way to make your car last!


Feature Series: America’s Wildest Roads

America's Wildest Roads | May We Offer A Suggestion

Buckle up, everyone! Over the next few months, we’ll be featuring some of the wildest roads in America! To kick off the series, we’re starting with the Tail of the Dragon!

Officially part of U.S. 129, the Tail of the Dragon lies on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. It is an 11-mile stretch and boasts 318 curves! Daredevils and adrenaline junkies come from all around to take on this wild road in Deal’s Gap. With curves named Beginners End, Gravity Cavity and Rockslide Corner - drivers beware! Claiming 24 lives since 2000, the Tail of the Dragon is not for amateurs. For those who are ‘bit by the Dragon,’ there sits, and grows, the Tree of Shame. Each time there is a wreck, the driver puts a piece of the wreckage on this makeshift shrine. Looking for something new to try over the upcoming summer months? Keep this on your list!

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