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Tag Archives: What Happens When You Neglect Your Oil Changes?

What Happens When You Neglect Your Oil Changes?

Many of us take oil changes for granted. When money is tight, sometimes we push off the oil change until later. If you procrastinate with your oil changes, here is what happens to your poor vehicle: Sludge buildup -- When your oil gets dirty, stays dirty, and continues to run through your engine dirty, it leaves a nasty buildup of sludge. Sludge can gunk up your system, which leads to restriction of vital fluids destined for the engine parts they support. Contamination -- Think about it. When you cook bacon in a pan, you make grease, right? Imagine what would happen if you didn’t wash the pan the next time you cooked...and the next time...etc. If you kept cooking in the same pan without getting rid of the old oils and gunk, it’s disgusting. The same thing goes on in your vehicle when you don’t get fresh oil every so often. Contamination can create problems, especially when bits of gunk start blocking the pipes. Break down -- Now that you have a gunky, sludgy, contaminated engine ... read more


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