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Crazy Christmas Cars

Crazy Christmas Cars | E-Newsletter December 2014

Houses aren’t the only things getting decked out for the Holidays anymore, more and more drivers are spreading the Christmas cheer to their cars! You’ve probably seen a few vehicles with light-up wreaths or Rudolph antlers, but you haven’t seen anything until you see the way these car owners have decorated their automobiles for the season:


Easy Reindeer Cookies for Your Holiday Party

Reindeer Cookies | E-Newsletter December 2014

These adorable peanut butter reindeer cookies are sure to delight at any of your Holiday parties!

Running short on time? Instead of following the made-from-scratch recipe above, use store bought cookie dough in your favorite flavor, and just add the reindeer decorations the same - voila!


Holiday Hacks to Help You Survive & Thrive This Month!

Holiday Hacks | E-Newsletter December 2014

Everything gets crazier in December. Use these helpful holiday hacks to keep your sanity amidst the cold weather hustle and bustle!

  • Reduce windshield frost. Try to park your car with the windshield facing the east. This allows the rising sun to melt the ice off your car so you have less to scrape before you leave.
  • Keep your windshield wipers clear. Put an old pair of socks on your open/detached windshield wipers overnight to keep them from getting covered with ice or snow.
  • Use your ceiling fan for warmth. There is a switch at the base of all ceiling fans that reverses the direction the fan turns. Run your fan clockwise in the winter to make it push warm air from the ceiling down towards you.
  • Keep your Christmas lights tangle-free. When storing your Christmas lights, wrap them around cardboard or an extension cord holder to keep them from turning into a tangled mess. Extension cord holders can be found at most hardware stores for just a few dollars.
  • Get scissors with attached tape dispenser. Never lose your tape in a pile of wrapping paper again with these handy scissors (also makes a great “white elephant gift”)! Available for under $10 on Amazon:

Safe Winter Travel: Pack These Before You Drive

Safe Winter Travel | E-Newsletter December 2014

December Special

December Coupon | E-Newsletter December 2014

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