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Auto Repair Goes Clean and Green

Mountain Road | Auto Repair Goes Clean & Green

There are hundreds of ways to 'be green.' Many of us are sure to recycle our aluminum and plastic to do our part from home. But, did you know that behind the scenes, auto repair shops are one of the most environmentally friendly industries in the world? Here are ten ways most auto shops have gone green that you may not have considered before:

1. Most auto shops will help you dispose of things like used coolant and car batteries.

2. Auto shops regularly recycle scrap metal car parts. The most commonly recycled metals are iron and steel, and aluminum and copper. Typical recovered parts include alternators, brakes, catalytic converters, engines, and transmissions.

Carflower | Auto Repair Goes Clean & Green

3. Engine oil is recycled by 95% of all auto repair shops - that's almost a billion gallons of used motor oil being recycled each year!

4. Over 63 million car batteries were recycled last year by auto shops - that's the equivalent of 1.4 billion pounds of lead being saved from harming the environment, our drinking water, and public health.

5. Auto shops generally recycle tires. This means that nearly 300 million tires each year are being put to good use, rather than dumped in landfills after they are scrapped by vehicle owners.

Tireplanter | Auto Repair Goes Clean & Green

Other items auto shops recycle include cleaning solvents, scrap metal, and A/C refrigerant. Please give us a call if you have any questions about recycling your old car battery or other automotive parts!

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