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This Month in Automotive History!

February marks the anniversary of some important and interesting automotive milestones. From the first leaded gasoline sale to the discontinuation of the Model A Ford, some of the industry’s most iconic events took place in the short month of February...

Ethyl | Month In Automotive History

February 2 1923: Leaded gasoline goes on sale in Dayton, Ohio.


Don't Walk Signs | Month In Automotive History

February 5, 1952: NYC installs the first ‘Don’t Walk’ signs, as a result of rising pedestrian death numbers.


Vintage Mercedes | Month In Automotive History

February 6, 1954: Mercedes debuts the iconic gull-wing coupe, the Mercedes 300SL, with a maximum speed of 155 MPH.


February 13, 1898: The UK experiences it’s first driving fatality.

Enzo Ferrari | Month In Automotive History

February 18, 1898: Enzo Ferarri is born.


Ford Thunderbird | Month In Automotive History

February 19, 1954: The Ford Thunderbird prototype was born. Just one year later, you’d be able to drive one off the lot for a staggering $2,944.


Ford Model A | Month In Automotive History

February 28, 1932: Ford ceases production of the famous Model A.


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