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Sweet Tips to Impress Any Valentine!

Valentine Roadtrip | Show Your Car Love

A romantic evening doesn’t have to be an elaborate or expensive affair. You can have a special Valentine’s Day with the one you love by simply adding a little flair and creativity to an otherwise ordinary activity. Below are a few simple ways to let your partner know just how much you care.

  1. A Night in Paris (or Rome…) Without Leaving Home – Decorate your house like a restaurant in a foreign country and prepare a special dinner from the local cuisine. Buy the supplies at the Dollar Store or Michaels, and make the decorations over the top.
  2. “X” Marks the Spot! Set up a romantic scavenger hunt by hiding gifts in places that are special to you as a couple. Leave your partner clues and then drive through town together retrieving the hidden treasures.
  3. Love is like a fine wine… Find a local winery or one at the end of a scenic drive and enjoy an intimate wine tasting and tour. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, pack a picnic dinner and some candles to share with a fine bottle of wine from the winery.

Show Your Engine a Little Love this Valentine’s Day!

Auto Valentine | Show Your Car Love

The engine is the heart of your vehicle, and, like any heart, it deserves a little attention on Valentine’s Day. This February, make a date with your engine for some preventative maintenance! The main components of the engine that need to be checked are the Timing Belt/Driving Belt, motor oil, and coolant.

The Timing Belt is one of the vehicle’s most important components, without which the engine couldn’t run. This notched rubber belt is responsible for accurately timing the opening and closing of valves within the engine. If mistimed, the combustion process will not occur and the engine will malfunction. We recommend that timing belts be checked periodically for looseness, cracking, and wear. By performing this maintenance, you can prevent considerable engine damage and costly repairs down the road.

Motor oil and filter changes are an important part of engine upkeep. Because engines operate at high temperatures, the oil will eventually break down and become an ineffective lubricant. As a result, engine parts will start to grind against each other, causing expensive damage. A vehicle’s oil should be changed every 3 months or 3,000 miles unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

Lastly, check your coolant regularly. Like motor oil, overtime the extreme operating temperatures of the engine will break down the coolant. It should be drained periodically and replenished in order to prevent both engine and radiator corrosion.

Perform the maintenance above, and you will have a long and healthy relationship with your engine! If you need help, give us a call or visit us online.

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