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Spring Cleaning | Springing Into Action

Spring Cleaning for Your Car:

While you’re in spring-cleaning mode, make sure you give your car some love! We found some simple ideas to keep your car clean and organized!

Car Care Month Tip

After the crazy winter we’ve had, we recommend an inspection, and what better time to come in than Car Care Month! Whether or not you’re coming in for an inspection, here are some things you can do to give your car a little extra attention this month!

  1. Lighten up your key chain – The weight of your key chain, combined with bouncing when you drive, can wear out the tumblers inside the ignition and eventually lead to ignition switch failure.
  2. Park in the shade – if a garage isn’t available, minimize interior damage from UV sunlight and heat by parking in the shade.
  3. Make sure there isn’t moisture coming from the air pump – When topping off your tires at a service station, depress the pin of the air pump inside the inflator valve with your thumbnail. If your thumb gets wet, tell the station manager his tank needs to be drained and go to another station. Moisture trapped in a tire can cause pressure variations and corrode rims.
  4. Check brake fluid – Check brake fluid monthly, and if you need topping off, use the type recommended by your car’s maker.
  5. Keep your air clean - Check your air filter every two months, and replace it when it’s dirty.

10 Things Worse Than Doing Your Taxes

  1. Finding a spider in your room – and then losing it
  2. Getting pickle juice in your eye
  3. Watching a really close game, then seeing your team lose in OT
  4. Expecting to take a sip of water, but it’s really coffee
  5. Counting out your yearly income in pennies
  6. Thinking it’s Friday all day, and finding out it’s really Tuesday
  7. Having your stylist surprise you by giving you a tie-dye mohawk
  8. Sending an incriminating email to the wrong person
  9. Not being able to fall asleep the night before something important
  10. Going through a car wash with the windows down

All About April:

Creativity flows freely in April! April marks Jazz Appreciation Month, National Poetry Month and National Humor Month! Here are some other noteworthy April holidays to remember…

  1. 4/1: April Fools Day
  2. 4/2: World Autism Awareness Day
  3. 4/4: National Walk to Work Day
  4. 4/7: World Health Day
  5. 4/10: National Siblings Day
  6. 4/15: Tax Day
  7. 4/21: Patriots’ Day
  8. 4/22: Earth Day
  9. 4/23: Administrative Professionals’ Day
  10. 4/25: Arbor Day
  11. 4/27: Holocaust Remembrance Day

April’s birthstone is the diamond and the flowers are the Daisy and the Sweet Pea. The fruits and veggies for the month of April are strawberries, Asian Pears and tomatillos.

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