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Drivers: Beware Of Becoming A Zoom Zombie!

In this recent article from Aftermarket Matters, studies show that many people who get off of a video conference call and hop in the car afterward have trouble concentrating on the road. This study looked at different metro areas around the country and drivers’ abilities to remain focused while driving. What they discovered may surprise you.

In this image, you’ll see that the most focused drivers are in Montana and the least focused drivers are in South Carolina. We found it interesting that California didn’t make the list, but we are assuming it’s because so many Californians are still stuck at home due to COVID restrictions.



Here is a quote from the article about the Zoom Zombie effect:


“Moreover, a national consumer survey of 1,819 American drivers shows that 54 percent of Americans who drive after video chatting report trouble concentrating. When work life became synonymous with home life, COVID-19 created new distractions and challenges for American drivers getting behind the wheel of a car.”

The article does bring up some important points as Californians eagerly await the lifting of all COVID restrictions after June 15, 2021. This point is the fact that so many of us are in Zoom calls on a regular basis and the aftereffects may increase the risk of traffic accidents.

If you participate in video conferencing calls for work, for school, or for social purposes, here is the advice we have for you:


  • Please don’t drive and Zoom at the same time. That’s not safe for anyone and it will wreck your concentration.

  • When you get behind the steering wheel, buckle up, put your cell phone away, and remove all personal distractions that would take your focus off of the road.

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