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Why Tires Are So Important

Have you noticed how often it is that people don’t give enough attention to their tires? It seems very common, but ignoring your tires is can become a major safety issue. Why? Because tires are your car’s only contact to the road.

No matter how good an engine your car has, how good a construction it has , what basic speed and acceleration it has, in the end it all comes down to tires and how they can alter your car’s performance on the road. Not only should you pay attention to your tires, but you should learn the difference between good tires and bad tires, cheap tires and expensive tires, sizes of tires , and the seasons and conditions your tires are made for.

Here’s a quick list of things to look out for when choosing tires:

1. Make sure you’re choosing the proper size of tires. A wrong size of tires can mean everything from a slight discomfort to a serious safety issue. Tire sizes are usually indicated in your car’s manual. If you lost yours or you got a bargain car from somewhere without it, be sure to check the manufacturer’s website for the proper tire size.

2. If you’re driving in a certain season , it’s best to use a tire made for that season. For example summer tires in the summer, winter tires in the winter. A compromise exists, with all-season tires, but they also have certain drawbacks. All season tires perform well in every season except for the winter, when they perform very poorly. Avoid using all season tires during the winter at all costs.

3. Avoid using only 2 winter tires, or 2 summer tires, when you actually need a full set. No matter how hard someone is trying to convince you it’s the same thing, do not believe them. That can only cause discomfort and loss of safety. If you use two different types of tires, that would only mean that two parts of your car will move differently when steering, and that is a potential risk.

So instead of ignoring your tires, try paying more attention to them. Change your car tires whenever necessary. If you’re not sure about the specific details, then try talking to the team at Robert’s Auto Repair, where we can repair or replace your tires, and perform wheel alignment. Call Robert’s Auto Repair today at 831-373-1534 to schedule an appointment.


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