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Flying WHAT? Cars???

Flying cars aren’t just for Harry Potter and his friends. When it comes to the future, we don’t always know what it holds, but we do know that flying automobiles will become something real instead of something that’s been relegated to the imagination. From flying delivery trucks to airbuses… okay, so it won’t exactly look like Fed-Ex and UPS trucks with wings, but you will have to look to the skies to see them coming.

A lot of the technology being developed focuses on automation as well as the bigger issues our current modes of transportation presents. Boeing is working on numerous technologies that will lead to automated ways to get around in a ride-sharing capacity. So not only will we be flying around when we want to get somewhere, but it won’t even (necessarily) be us doing the flying.  

Big companies like Boeing aren’t the only ones diving into the world of aerial travel; plenty of do-it-yourselfers are hitting it hard too. From drone-driven technology to small-looking airplanes, the sky really IS the limit. You have to love the DIY-ers with their enthusiasm as well as their ideas. They help drive the future as much as the corporations do.

We will see this technology become more and more advanced and taking a bigger and bigger role in the world of transportation much sooner than later. The good news is that most of this technology is hybrid or fully electric-based and will help ease the pollution of the skies. This will lead to quieter transportation as well as easing up the congestion on our highways and byways. And before you know it, all of our packages we order off of Amazon will be delivered via drone. Talk about invasion of the skies!

Not sure how far off this vision is for the United States, but for Japan, they intend to have it fully employed by the mid 20’s. With their high level of road congestion, it’s no wonder they are the government that seems to be pushing the hardest to get this new transportation industry off the ground.

Look to the skies for what’s coming, but don’t sell off your road-based vehicle quite yet. We expect you’ll want to hold onto that for as far as the eye can see into our future. The good news is that Robert’s will be here for you regardless of how we move into the future. We are just as happy to keep your flying car in top shape as we are your current road vehicle!


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