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Let’s Get your Vehicle Ready for Winter!

As we move into the winter season, even though we live in a weather-wonderful location, it’s still important to have our vehicle ready for winter. Whether we stay on the roads of Monterey or head up into the snowy mountains to ski, snowshoe, or spend time with friends and family, it’s essential that we are well prepared, and the team at Robert’s Collision & Repair want to help keep you safe this holiday season.

  1. Check all fluids and make sure they are appropriate for the weather you’re heading into.
  2. Proper tire pressure and wear are critical whether you're driving on wet roads or heading into the snow and ice. Inspect your tires before venturing out on a winter wonderland expedition and have chains in case you are heading up a mountain. 
  3. Have your battery checked out, so you don’t stall out while heading to your mothers-in-law for a holiday dinner… unless of course, you WANT that to happen. 
  4. Brakes: have them inspected to help make sure you can stop when you want/need to as opposed to having to slam into something to make that happen.
  5. Update your emergency kit to include the following: necessary meds, flashlight, extra batteries, snacks, water, portable cell phone charger, jumper cables, tow straps, flares, and an excellent first aid kit. Not a bad idea to include a life hammer in case you need to cut your seatbelt and break a window to get out.

Traffic can get worse during the holidays, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to be. Practice patience and have a great playlist at the ready to help pass the time and keep you calm. Don’t drive when you’re tired even if you really want to get there now… better to get there later than not at all. Drinking and driving is never a good idea, but there seems to be more of a problem with that during the holidays. Even if you think you can make it home, it’s never worth the risk, so either just don’t do it or have a back up plan in place (staying where you are, having a friend drive you home, or Uber it!)

The team at Robert’s Collision & Repair want to wish you the very best of the upcoming holiday season. We are always here to help keep you and your vehicle safely on the roads of Monterey and well beyond. We wish you all the best this holiday season and hope to see you soon for regular repairs and maintenance!



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