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Road Trip Preparations

August is a favorite month for road trips, and since there are so many beautiful and scenic destinations here on the west coast, it’s no wonder, so many of us hit the road over the summer months. There are some tips to keep in mind while road-tripping that should help you stay safe and stay on the way. First of all, cars that are 10 years old or older tend to break down twice as often as younger cars and are 4 times more likely to need a tow. That doesn’t mean you can’t successfully take your ‘05 Subaru for a trip up the 101, but that alone should encourage you to do some prep work. 

The top reasons for needing a tow are electrical system issues, a dead battery, problems with the engine cooling system, and tires that can’t just be replaced roadside. Much of a pre-trip inspection is simple: check all fluids, tire pressure and wear, your battery, all lights, and make sure your wipers are working well too. It’s also a good idea to have your brakes checked and all of your heating and cooling elements. 

Other ways to be prepared: restock your emergency kit and include items like extra medications, Benadryl, and bandages; take along a blanket or two; plenty of water to stay hydrated; an extra car charger; fully charge your phone before leaving home. Also, make sure you have a valid license and vehicle registration not to mention current auto insurance. All of these suggestions have the potential to ensure a smooth trip.


Auto Maintenance
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