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What is on the Horizon for Automotive Technology

Elon Musk may be responsible for leading us into the electric revolution, but that doesn’t mean that he’s going to get the biggest slice of the pie and nor does it mean that the US is leading the pack. Time will tell for Tesla, but in the meantime, even the US is starting to see the impact of the electric car surge. I dare you to Google your favorite car and add a hybrid to the search. What did you find? Most likely, if it’s not already being produced, you were given time in the relatively near future as to when you could (just a fast) be driving a hybrid (if not completely electric) version. 

India, Britain, France and other companies have given deadlines of 2030 or 2040 as to when they will eliminate the sales of gas-powered vehicles. The United States is a little behind on their proclamation, but even this is most likely coming down the pike in the relatively near future.

Some of the biggest obstacles holding back the advancement of the electric vehicle are becoming obsolete: driver’s anxiety over just how far we can travel on a single charge (once only 100 miles, it’s now up to 300 miles or more); the need for speed (one of the recent Teslas is even faster than a Ferrari); attractiveness (let’s admit it… many of us suffer from car vanity, but with all the sleek new styling that’s showing up every day, even the vainest of us all will smile with pride as we drive down the streets of Monterey in our gorgeous luxury all-electric vehicle). 

Semis and busses will have their exciting day as we are seeing more and more of those on our roadways even today. Oil companies remain in denial, though, as more than half of them aren’t even acknowledging this ever-growing trend. As we continue to electrically evolve, prices go down, availability goes up, and electric charging stations increase. 

Technology is forever evolving in the automobile industry. It’s up to the auto technicians of the world, and at Robert’s Collision & Repair, to stay up on all the right equipment, tools, and knowledge to continue to bring you the very best in service and repair. We are committed to doing exactly that. 


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