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Ahhh… Spring is in the Air - Time for Spring Cleaning

We may not be completely into spring, but groundhog Punxsutawney Phil said spring should be in full force about now. What that means for us here in beautiful Monterey is that it’s time for some spring cleaning!  

It’s time to change your car’s air filter for one. Your owner’s manual probably says every 12,000 to 15,000, but if you have problems with dust and pollen you might want to do that sooner. Keep the cabin of your car free from bad smells as well as things that might make ya sneeze. Achoo! Bless you! 

It’s also good for your engine. Your air filter holds dual responsibilities in keeping your interior clean but also keeps the debris and dirt out of your engine. When your air filter has broken down, it lets in the things that can lead to real problems for your engine and no one wants that!

Give your car a good washing! Use a little white vinegar and water on your wheels to get them sparkly clean. Another good trick for your paint job is to use some lanolin after you’ve give it a thorough washing. I’ll be you have some hair conditioner in your bathroom with that very ingredient. It helps your car shine!

One the inside, use a little olive oil on the dash, steering wheel, and console to clean, shine, and keep things from cracking. Next pull out a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and mix it into a paste. Wipe it in liberally to your car’s fabric and once it dries, vacuum it up. This will help get out some nasty stains but also some nasty smells that tend to accumulate over time. 

If you do all of these simple-to-do suggestions, you’ll be breathing easy and looking good this spring, whether Phil is right or not. And if you want your car REALLY clean, stop into Robert’s Collision & Repair and take advantage of our professional detailing staff. They’d LOVE to help make you shine! 


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