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Back to School Driving Safety Tips


Hard to believe that summer is over and it’s time for school to start yet again. Whether we have children of our own in the local school system, we are all affected by the change in driving in and around schools. Not only is it a hefty fine if we get caught speeding in a school zone, but it’s also dangerous. A child is most likely to be hit by a car close to their school… much more so than any other location. There are a few ways we can avoid a steep fine and keep the children in our community safe while getting to and from school every day. 

Whether or not the yellow lights are flashing, if we see children near the road, it’s best if we slow down. They often are distracted by their friends and most kids these days are walking around with phones in their hands just like their parents. The more we keep our own distractions to a minimum (hands off our phones for starters!), the safer we keep THEM. 

Having patience can go a long way too. Not being in a hurry and giving ourselves the extra time traversing through school zones require, can help us keep our calm and keep our speeds down. And it’s not just the school zones that need our focused attention and additional time, it’s also the school buses themselves. It’s incredible just how often a driver blows past a school bus with their red lights flashing and their stop sign out. That’s an accident waiting to happen!

Make sure you know the rules for your school’s drop-off and pick-up procedures. Talk about chaos! The more prepared we are, the easier it is to keep our focus on what’s important, and that’s the seemingly endless stream of kiddos walking or riding their bikes home or just looking for their ride. If this is your first rodeo, then finding the time a day or two before school starts to read up on those rules and to actually go to the school to get the lay of the land can go a very long way to helping you keep your patience and help with the flow of traffic. 

Robert’s Collision & Repair wants to help you and all of our kids stay safe this fall as they head back to school. Make sure your wipers are in good working condition so you can see well on our rare rainy days. If you’re having trouble with any drivability issue, let us take a look so that you don’t stall out while picking your kids up or while you wait behind one of those school busses. You can find us at 234 Ramona Ave. in Monterey. For best service, schedule an appointment online. For all of you in school, here’s to another great year of learning!


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