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Collision Calamity: How To Move Forward After An Accident

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What Can I Do To Fix My Car After A Collision?

It’s an unfortunate fact that driving is one of the most dangerous things we engage in daily. A lot of us overlook just how common collisions are. While we pray and hope that we never have to deal with one, it’s good to prepare and have a plan for if we do. 


Every year, new drivers enter the road space. Young people with little to no experience on the roads carry a good amount of anxiety with the beginning experience. It’s good to take some time to educate them about road safety and good practices; before you let them fly on their own. Beyond that, let’s discuss some of the details of how you can come back from a collision and restore your vehicle to its former glory. Here are a couple of services that a respected collision repair center can perform for you.

Can You Remove Dents From A Car?

You might look at your brand new vehicle, dented after a collision, and think to yourself, “it’s all over; it’ll never be the same again!” Well, don’t worry, we see this every day, and it is a common fix we consider ourselves to be experts in repairing. Depending on the dent, there are several options for repair. We even have a paintless dent removal service (depending on the severity of the dent and related scratching). Bottom line, there is no reason to panic; removing dents is common and something we can help you with.

Can You Repair A Car’s Body After A Crash?

The big one, is bodywork. Even more than with a dent, you are probably thinking to yourself, “ok, there is no way they can fix this one.” You might be surprised to find out that we can! We have taken seemingly totaled vehicles and resurrected them from an early car-lot grave. There are countless angles from which to attack the problem, and our team has a lifetime of industry experience to back them up. Don’t worry; you are in good hands with CARSTAR Robert’s Collision in Monterey.


Collisions are traumatic; there is no way around that. However, the process of restoring your vehicle to its former glory doesn’t have to be. Rely on the right team to reduce that burden for you and find out why quality care beats fast and quick; every time. If you find the right team with a community-driven business model, you can work together to bring that traumatic episode to a close.

Visit CARSTAR Robert’s Collision when you need help restoring your vehicle after a collision. Beyond this, we can help with interior and exterior detailing, bringing your vehicle to an elevated level of luxury and comfort that you might not have experienced! Schedule an appointment with us today, and we will guide you through the whole process. We love our community, and we can’t wait to invite you into our business.


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