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Common Summer Road Hazards and How To Avoid Them

Many drivers may think that winter is the most dangerous time of year to be on the road. However, it's been shown that a higher number of car crashes and automobile-related injuries and fatalities actually occur from July to August. Not to mention, that the summer months are also when teen accidents and deaths are at an exceptionally high point with so many young people home for the summer. Keep reading to learn more about common summer road hazards and how to avoid them. 

Tire Blowouts:
It's pure science; hot temperatures cause air to expand, which causes the air in your tires to expand. This can lead to nothing, but it can also lead to a tire blowout during a heatwave. And while a parked car with a blown-out tire may not sound like too much of a problem, what happens when that tire is on the highway?
To keep this from happening to your tires, make sure to frequently check your tire pressure – leaving a small electric pressure gauge in your glove box can make this a breeze. Always keep a spare tire on hand in your vehicle, ensuring that it has the correct tire pressure too. Replace any unevenly or excessively worn tires, and try to drive around potholes if you can. 
Overheated Engines:
Similar to tire blowouts, the summer heat can negatively affect your car's engine. An overheating engine can cause a breakdown or worse, a fire, on the road. To avoid those eventualities, make a point to check your coolant levels often and your hoses and belts for cracks, leaks, or bulges. Change your oil each season, and make sure your air conditioning is in proper working order. 
If you do experience your engine overheating, pull over immediately, and call for help. You should wait for your engine to completely cool for about 30 minutes or longer before attempting to restart it.
Construction Season:
Most construction seems to happen in the spring and summer, though it can seem like it occurs year-round in the Bay Area. This increases the number of roadblocks, delays, and detours you might experience, as well as the amount of traffic on the roads and the possibility of rough asphalt and concrete on the way. 
To keep as safe as possible during construction season, you should always slow down 10 to 15mph below the speed limit while in work zones if you don't already see a speed limit posted. Remember to merge early before you need to when entering the work zone to prevent collisions. If you can, plan ahead for potential construction-related delays.
Animals are always active on the roads, especially during the summer months. Whether it's because they've come out of hibernation for the mating season or just because they live near a highway, you can expect some furry creatures to cross the road once in a while. 
To avoid this risk, keep alert during dawn and dusk when most animals are active. Don't unintentionally swerve into oncoming traffic if you think you'll hit an animal, which will usually cause more harm than hitting the animal. Take special notice of any animal crossing or warning signs, and make sure to use your headlights at night to watch for eyes reflecting the light. 

Whatever summer road hazards come your way, try to always be alert to ensure your car doesn’t take on any damage. But if it happens, not to worry! The CARSTAR Robert’s Collision and Repair team is here to assist! CARSTAR Robert's Collision & Repair in Monterey would love to be your go-to auto body shop whenever you want an excellent, honest facility to repair your vehicle. We are here for all of your auto body repairs, paint jobs, and auto detailing needs. We strive to be your one-stop auto shop and we work hard to provide you with an outstanding customer service experience! Our skilled technicians provide the best service in the region. Make your appointment today! We're located at 234 Ramona Ave, Monterey, CA. 93940. We look forward to your visit!


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