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For all the BMW Owners and Lovers Out There…

Okay...if you’re going to drive a BMW or even TALK about them, then you’d better get this straight right away, or you’re just going to look silly. If you are talking about a BMW motorcycle, then yes, go ahead and refer to them as Beemers or Beamers. HOWEVER, if you are talking about your BMW automobile, please for the love of the brand, call it a BIMMER. Yes, that’s right. B. I. M. M. E. R. Bimmer it is! Whew. Now that we have that out of the way let’s dive into a brief history of the Bimmer. You want to seem in-the-know at your next cocktail party, don’t you?

For instance, did you know that the origin of BMW is traced back to three different German companies: Rapp Motorenwerke, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke, and Automobilwerk Eisenach. The first engine they produced was the Illa aircraft engine known for its good fuel economy and high-altitude performance. The BMW came from Bayerische Motoren Werke when it was renamed such in 1917. Even though the first BMW was produced in 1916… so, could it REALLY be a BMW?

The BMW emblem represents the colors of the Bavarian state and represents various iterations of a propeller. In 1923 the first ever fully completed vehicle was produced: the R32, also BMW’s first motorcycle, of which many aspects are still incorporated into BMW motorcycles to this day. BMW’s first production car was the Dixi, pictured above. The first post-war production car was the BMW 501, meant to be sold as a luxury vehicle that would comfortably house six passengers. While it never received the luxury recognition BMW desired, it did reintroduce the make as a highly innovative brand. 

It wasn’t until 1961 when BMW released the 1500 model that they were truly able to re-establish themselves as a highly sought-after modern carmaker. So much so that they couldn’t possibly produce enough of them to keep up with the demand. 

While the history of BMW in racing sports goes way back, it wasn’t until 1972 that they all came together under one roof: BMW Motorsport GMBH. BMW has always been and remains a tough competitor on the tracks. 

In 1994, BMW purchased the extensive Rover Group that included the Land Rover, Rover, MG, MINI, and Triumph. Try as the may make it work, they simply could not and had to sell the Rover Group in 2000, with the exception of the MINI. For some reason, they couldn’t let that one go, and it shows in today’s super-cool MINI models. In July of ‘98, however, they WERE able to bring on board the highly esteemed Rolls-Royce successfully. It wasn’t until 2002 that they were fully able to release Volkswagen from the table, but they’ve been successful with it ever since. 

Today BMW continues to prove a mean competitor on and off the track. Their current focus has shifted from what it once was to stay true to the times and their continual striving to be leaders in the automaking industry. From now through 2020, their mission is to “become the world’s leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility.” What that means is they intend to be hot contenders in the car-sharing world as well as in the electric-car arena. 

BMW remains cutting edge and continues to be committed to the theme of the ultimate driving machine. So whether you drive a Beemer, a Beamer, or a Bimmer, you can rest assured you are driving one of the very best vehicles on the planet. You can also rest assured that Robert’s Collision & Repair will keep up with the fast-paced ever-changing futuristic world of the Bimmer. And now you are ready to release your BMW intellect at your next cocktail party! You’re welcome. 


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