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How to Reduce Road Noise

Classic cars have a rumble and feel that most of us are eager to experience. There is nothing like it! If you are off on a big road trip, chances are you won't want to be spending long hours in a rumbling beast, so we have put together a list of products to help reduce road noise for you.
Undercoating is fantastic for many reasons, not only does it help seal up the underside of your car preventing new rust issues, it acts a bit like glue sealing up and creating a barrier, this barrier is suitable for sound dampening. Undercoating reduces road noise when properly applied to your car.
Sound Deadening Mat
This type of mat sticks on the inside of your car underneath your carpet. It can be tricky to install because you have to pull up your carpet to apply. However, you will be pleased with the results. This sound deadening mat performs well, absorbing the sound. Sound deadening mat is made up of a heavy, dense tar type of product. There are other brands that are made up of foam or insulation to choose from as well. This choice in sound deadening is quite affordable and will help keep your car cooler in warmer weather as well as reduce decibels.
Sound Deadener Spray
Spray-on sound deadener is an excellent choice for tight areas like your quarter panels where the mat is hard to get to lay smooth. Have a loud car? This sound deadener spray is also an excellent choice to use in combination with an additional sound deadener mat.
Rubber panel seals
The seals on your car help keep noise and moisture out of your car; however, over time, these seals get worn out, tear or become flat, compromising the seal. You may want to order up a new set and tackle this project. It will also help keep fumes out of your car and help reduce noise to boot!
Seal Up Seams
Sealing tape or seam sealer and a caulking gun will help keep unwanted heat, noise, and fumes out of the car. Grab a roll or tube of seam sealer and attack those corners on your floor, firewall, or quarter panels; you will be glad that you did.
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