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Improving Fuel Efficiency in Winter


Fuel efficiency can easily start with your tires. When we head into the colder months, even though we live in a temperate climate, it still affects your tires and your fuel efficiency. In general, the colder weather can greatly affect your vehicle’s fuel economy. It takes longer for your engine to warm up and reach its best fuel consumption temperature. 

When the weather changes, make sure you regularly check the air pressure in your tires because they fluctuate with the weather. When the air pressure is just right, you’ll get the most out of your tires and your fuel efficiency will improve. 

When you are looking for more ways to improve fuel efficiency, try these suggestions:

  1. Whenever possible, park in the warmest place. If you have an option to park in a garage, do so. Any shelter will help with warmth. 

  2. Even on cold days, don’t warm up your car too much. The longer you idle, the less fuel-efficient your car.

  3. Combine your trips. Planning ahead and going to the pharmacy that’s near the library can help cut down on gasoline expenses. 

  4. If you're not using your roof rack, remove it. Anything else that creates wind resistance that you don’t utilize can also go. 

  5. Don’t use the seat warmers unless you really need to get warm. 

  6. Remove any extra weight in your vehicle. Don’t use it for storage! 

This is a great time of year to check your tires. You’ll want to make sure the tread depth is at its best. Check for damage to sidewalls and look for overall wear and tear. While you don’t need winter tires in Monterey, you’ll still want ones that will improve your fuel efficiency and keep you safe on all your winter adventures. 

In winter, your fuel economy can be reduced by as much as 34%, but with these suggestions, it doesn’t have to be that bad. Preventive maintenance can help you get the most out of your winter fuel efficiency too. Make sure there’s nothing else going on with your vehicle that might diminish your safety or your fuel efficiency.

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