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Keeping Your Car Safe From Ash and Dust During Fire Season

California has been struck by fire after fire in the last few years, and 2020 is up there with the worst fire season our state has ever seen. Along with smoky orange and grey skies and poor to dangerous air quality, California residents have had days and days of ash falling from the sky. With no end to the fires in sight, it’s important to make sure that you keep your car from accumulating long-term damage as a result of the fire season. Keep reading to find out how to keep the air pollution from ruining your car’s paint job, and how to keep the air in your car as clean as possible. 

After driving, you’ll likely arrive home with some ash residue. This can be removed quickly and easily by gently wiping down your vehicle with a long-handled car duster to remove any soot and ash that have accumulated. Make sure to pay particular attention to your headlights and taillights to ensure you have maximum visibility. If you have access to a garage where you can park your car, you should try to park it there as often as you can when it’s not being driven. This will help to keep ash off your paint, and will work to prolong your car’s finish, trim, and tires. If you don’t have access to a garage, then you may want to invest in a car cover for long-term use. 

When you go to wash your car, remember that you’re washing off more than you normally would. Not only are you rinsing away the normal dirt, grime, and road debris you usually would, but you’re cleaning off the layer of soot and ash that’s built upon on top of and below that. To get your car completely clean, you may need to give it more than one wash, and you may need to wash it more often too. That goes for using your windshield wipers and fluid as well, so make sure they’re in good working order, and that you routinely check your washer fluid to ensure you don’t run out. 

If you’re washing your vehicle at home, you should wet and then completely wash your car with warm water, your cleaning tool of choice, and a car washing soap. Beginning from the roof and working your way down, pay particular attention to areas that might build up ash and continue along your car’s panels. Make sure to rinse your car thoroughly, and then dry with a towel or chamois. You may want to follow this up with a good quality car wax, to make future washings even easier. 

While DIYers may love this task, remember, CARSTAR Robert’s Collision & Repair offers the best detailing service in the Monterey area! Bring your car in, and we’ll square it away for you. In addition, you may also want us to take a look at your air filters, as well as the ventilation filters in the passenger cabin. With all the soot and ash in the air, you don’t want to be breathing in more dirty air than you have to be. We’ll inspect and then replace your air filters as necessary, so you can worry about more important things!

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