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Looking to Buy a New Car? Some Tips for You!

As we head into summer, a lot of people start thinking about buying new cars. The sun is shining and the open road calls and it’s perfectly normal that we get this itch for something new. Take time to consider if this is really the right thing for you right now or if you can wait out the itch in order to get more out of your current vehicle, maybe even invest in a nice detail to make it new-to-you again!

Here are some tips to consider before signing on the dotted line:

  1. Be flexible: maybe that BMW M4 you’ve had your sights set on won’t really fit into your daily life or your budget. Take time to research similar models under different marquees as well as other BMW models. You might be pleasantly surprised. If you can be flexible on color, engine size, etc., it might help you keep the cost down based on what’s available. 
  2. Research: this ties into #1 above… research, research, research before setting foot on a dealership lot. Make sure you know as much as possible so you are well prepared when it comes to knowing your stuff. It gives you confidence and you are less likely to be talked into something you won’t be satisfied within the long run. 
  3. Patience: waiting until fall or winter can give you a price advantage as dealerships are wanting to clear out this year’s models in order to have room for what is new and shiny for the next year. 
  4. If you are buying a used vehicle, make sure to get a complete pre-inspection report done in order to give you as much knowledge about your investment as well as negotiating power when discussing price. 
  5. Assess your true needs: is this going to be a daily driver, how many passengers do you need to consider, does speed and handling really matter, insurance costs, theft potential based on where you regularly park, how will this fit into your monthly budget?

When you are ready to make your vehicle new again and want a detail service or you want help with a pre-purchase inspection, make your appointment with Robert’s Collision & Repair. We are here when you need us most! Happy car shopping!


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