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Mercedes-Benz vs. BMW

Juggernauts… Mercedes-Benz and BMW are two of the biggest in the automotive industry and to say that each has loyal followings is an understatement. To say they have a cult-like following is more on track. Each one wields its magic that has the power to draw you in for life. Throughout automotive history, BMW has focused on delivering the ultimate driving experience while Mercedes-Benz espoused ultimate comfort. Both offer high on the luxury scale, and not many people on the planet would be embarrassed to pull up to one of their high school reunions in either one. 

When it comes to safety, the brands are pretty well matched with specific models coming in with perfect 10s. JD Powers reports that the Mercedes E-Class and the BMW 2 Series and X1 hold onto to safety perfection. Performance, safety, reliability… all are close. Interiors… well, let’s talk comfort and luxury. While the Mercedes holds the highest rep for supreme comfort, it does not deliver on all counts. If that’s one of your top concerns, then you are going to want to skip the CLA’s. 

Comparing prices… I’m not sure that should come into play here seeing as how they tend to be reasonably comparable on most levels. And people, the heart wants what the heart wants and is a few thousand dollars going to stop you from buying what your hearts wish to? Not at this level. Granted, if you have a Camaro budget, you may not end up in a BMW 5 Series or a Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Unless… you are willing to buy used, and then almost anything is possible!

At the end of the day, it comes down to what resonates in your soul. All you have to do is get behind the wheel, and the right car will speak your language. You will be moved to decide when you feel yourself connect with the brand that hugs you effortlessly into the curves of the open road or how you feel simply sitting behind the wheel. Both brands continue to evolve and put luxury and performance at the forefront of their innovation. How can you go wrong with either one? I know! I know! You are loyal to your brand, and for that, we salute you! Robert’s Collision & Repair is also here to help you keep your treasure running at optimal performance levels for as long as possible. Whether it’s maintenance (both under the hood and through awesome detailing services), or repair (inside and out), we are here for you! 


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