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Minimizing Distractions Inside Your Vehicle

Distracted driving is more and more common on the road these days, and has become the number one killer, literally even more than drunk driving. We are all guilty from time to time of driving distracted in one way or another, it is human to do so, and ultimately convenient to multi-task. We all know or have that one friend that is the cell phone chatter, the texter, the make-up expert, the food queen, or the in-car DJ. Distracted driving has become nearly fashionable in some sense. However, it also can become quite deadly, so here are some tips to help reduce distractions in the car.
Use the phone for emergencies only 
When you are driving, it is best to keep both hands on the road, and your mind trained at the task at hand, driving. Cell phone use should be reserved for emergency use only when driving, and it is even better to pull over to the right side shoulder of the road if you need to make a call. Did you know that even hands-free devices still pose a distraction? It is easy to miss your exit, or not hear or see a cue that could prevent an incident while driving if you are engaged in conversation.
Are you feeling a little sleepy? Pull over!
Did you know that you are four times more likely to have a severe accident when you are sleepy? Something as simple as feeling drowsy can be fatal. Not long ago a government study came out showing that more than 35% of drivers have nodded off at least once in their life as a licensed driver, how scary is this to think about when on the highway?! If you feel tired, pull over, rather than try to make it home faster, you will keep not only yourself safer, but those on the road around you will be better off for it as well.
Limit passengers and activities when driving
This one can be challenging to enforce, however, especially with newly licensed drivers, distractions in the form of friends and activities make it difficult to focus on the task at hand, that task is driving. When driving with a group of friends, conversation, or whatever they are doing can pull your attention off the road and inside the car. So remember to limit what and who you invite into the cabin before taking off.
Avoid eating while driving
This one is an easy rule to bend. If you are in a hurry to get to work or school, it seems like a simple time-saver to take your food into the car for the drive. Keep in mind that food spills are a prevalent cause of distraction and potential accidents when driving your vehicle. Please think twice before heading out to the driver's seat with your meal in hand; it can make the difference between a safe journey, and one that goes awry.
Multi-task before getting in the car   
So many of us spend a lot of time in the car these days, so it seems like such a good idea to knock things off of our list and get jobs done, such as making phone calls, texting, and hunting down some fresh tunes while driving. Please don't do it; remember that driving is an all-consuming task that shouldn't be taken lightly. Take the time to get everything settled before buckling up to hit the road.
It is vital that you stay safe, so remember to keep your primary focus on driving and take yourself off the road if you have too much going on. It is much better to be late than to not arrive at all. At CARSTAR Robert's Collision & Repair in Monterey, our team will always put you first. Our experts offer top-notch service and speedy turnaround times. Whether you need a full service, auto bodywork, or auto service or repair, or a complete detail, make your appointment with Robert's Collision & Repair today. See you soon!



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