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My Vehicle Has How Many Filters?

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Are there filters other than my oil filter?

You might be surprised to find out how many people believe that your vehicle only has one main filter, your oil filter! Or, maybe this is the first time you have even thought about it. Worry not; whatever your scenario, this month’s blog serves as a primer on the subject and should help give you a better picture of just how complex your vehicle really is.

Which vehicle filters are the most important?

To begin with, your vehicle has four main filters. All of which serve to protect your vehicle from dirt, dust, particulate matter, rust breakdown, metal shavings, and more! Our vehicle is a complex piece of machinery that really needs to be protected from outside elements as much as possible. The better we protect it, the longer it will serve us on the road.


The four main vehicle filters are:


Cabin Air Filter

Engine Air Filter

Oil Filter

Fuel Filter


To the question of which is most important. That was a trick question; there is no way of really ranking one as more important than the other. They all perform necessary functions that improve the quality and safety of your driving experience. We suggest staying on top of all of them!

How often do I replace my vehicle filters?

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about your oil filter too much as long as you get regular oil changes at your specified intervals. When you get your oil changed, the auto repair shop will almost always (ask to make sure) replace your filter at the same time. It would be highly irregular for them not to. The other filters do require your attention a bit more, and we suggest referring to your trusted auto repair center of choice; they can help you establish a service schedule!


Most importantly, regularly servicing your vehicle filters can help you stay safe on the road and help you avoid a collision or dangerous situation in some scenarios. Especially your oil filter, which will help maintain the health of your vital vehicle lifeblood. If you do experience a collision or need help with interior and exterior detailing, come to CARSTAR Robert’s Collision in Monterey, CA!

Don’t hesitate to make CARSTAR Robert’s Collision your go-to choice for all collision-related auto repairs! But we do so much more than that; we do dent removal, paintless dent removal, interior detailing, exterior detailing, bodywork, and more! Schedule an appointment and join our community!


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