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National Car Care Month!

Woo-hoo! Winter is finally over, and Spring is here with Summer just around the corner. April is your vehicles favorite month because it’s all about getting pampered for upcoming adventures and trips. 

National Car Car Month is to remind and encourage you to bring your vehicle in and fix any issues that you have been putting off since winter. Yes, that means it’s time to take care of that rattle sound when accelerating or that screeching noise you’re hearing when you break. If you put off a problem for too long it could worsen and cause other issues, you don’t want that to happen as the weather finally gets nice. 

Winter hazards are over, and Spring ones are coming. You should get your tires and brakes checked and replaced if needed. Spring showers can cause the roads to get very wet and slick, you want to be able to stop without sliding or hydroplaning. You should also replace your windshield wipers and put a layer of synthetic hydrophobic product, like Rainx, so rain will bead up and fall off your car. Rainx plus new windshield wipers will make for much-needed visibility when it rains. Another helpful thing to do for the rain is to get your headlights replaced. Not only does it help you see the road, but it also allows other drivers to see you! 

Repairing your car and getting maintenance done are two completely different things. Getting basic auto maintenance done improves the safety and dependability of your vehicle. It also helps avoid expensive repairs that could arise if you don’t take precautions and care of your car. It’s like going to the dentist; you could get a cleaning every few months and avoid a cavity or avoid going and wait for one to painfully show up and cause you grief. Even if you think nothing is wrong with your car, it’s a good practice to take it in for regular preventative maintenance. It's also a way your trusted auto technician can stay on top of items that will need to be addressed in the future. 

If you want to be extra on top of things, then make time to check your vehicle at home throughout the year as well. Check each of your tires tread depth and pressure including the spare. At the shop, they will do all of that plus the alignment. You can also check the oil, filter, and fluids. Be sure to change your oil at the recommended time. At the shop, the technician will further check your brake, transmission, power steering, coolant and windshield wiper fluids. Make a note of any leaks, odd noises, and weird feelings when you drive. This will help the technician identify problems easier. If your battery hasn’t been tested, even if it’s only three years old, get it tested. You want to make sure your battery is clean, securely mounted, and free of corrosion. 

April is a popular time to get maintenance done on your vehicle. Many business offer car care events at their shops or in their community. Those events usually include a free inspection and to speak with a technician who can answer all your automotive questions. Make sure to take your vehicle in sooner than later because everyone is getting maintenance done! Don’t forget to clean your vehicle from the inside out. It will make you both feel like a million bucks. We can help with all your vehicle's needs (repair, maintenance, auto body, & detailing service) here at Robert’s Collision & Repair and provide the best care for your car!


Auto Maintenance
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