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Not to Be Ignored: When You Hit a Curb


A curb can look innocuous, but even the small ones have the potential to cause you grief. If you drive, then it’s a matter of when not if when it comes to hitting a curb. Whether it’s bad weather, distracted driving, or another driver that causes you to swerve right into or over a curb, it can still cause significant unseen damage. The speed you were going, the angle atwhich you hit, andthe height ofthe curb are all factors that will affect the extent ofthe damage toyour vehicle. There’s no way to tell just by looking, and that is why you need to take into a professional mechanic to have it properly inspected. From tire and wheel damage to a completely wrecked suspension and other potential damage in between, once you’ve hit the curb, it’s important that you get your vehicle back on track. 

Tire damage: This might be the most notable. It wouldn’t be unusual for you to experience an immediate flat tire. Even if it’s not that obvious, you’ll want to look for damage not only on the sidewall but also around the entire treat surface. Slow leaks can mess up your day just as much as an exploded tire. 

Wheel damage: The accident may have caused damage to your rims and to the wheel itself that has the potential to cause further damage to the vehicle. 

Alignment: Even small changes in alignment can affect your driving and throw off the wearability of your tires. A change in wheel alignment can affect tire grip on the road, the overall feel of your driving experience, but most importantly, it affects your tires. A vehicle that’s out of alignment can lead to uneven tire wear as well as a significant decrease in gas mileage. If your alignmentis severely impacted, steering your vehicle can become a significant challenge.

Suspension: When your suspension is thrown off-kilter or damaged, it affects your steering wheel rods, your shock system, and can even be the cause of tires blowing out. No one likes a rough ride, but even more so, no one likes the damage it can cause in the bigger picture. 

Tie rods: Your tie rods connect your wheels to your steering wheel. They are an essential function to your steering and to your vehicle’s overall safety. If they are damaged, they decrease handling and can undoubtedly lead to an accident. 

When you’ve hit a curb, it’s time to bring your vehicle into the experts at Robert’s Collision & Repair. We would love the opportunity to show you what we can do and more importantly, we want to make sure your vehicle is safe for you to drive on the streets of Monterey and beyond. Make your appointment with Robert’s Collision & Repair today! See you soon! 



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