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Our Favorite Road Trip Playlists for Autumn

Photo byAaron Burden onUnsplash

With the weather feeling just right and the leaves turning their autumn shades of color, now is a great time to hit the road and enjoy a road trip! Some of our favorite memories on a road trip centered around the music we were listening to on the road. We were blasting "Bohemian Rhapsody" with everyone in the car singing along. These are some of our fondest memories, and a good playlist can make your trip that much better!

Spotify has a huge compendium of amazing playlists, and many of them are built especially for road trips! They have a playlist for every generation and every genre of music! Got a car full of millennials who want to relive the 90's? They have you covered, haha!

Road trips are the perfect moment to make memories and share moments together. That is why we wanted to share this list of awesome road trip playlist for your Autumn travel plans!

Classic Rock Road Trip Playlist - Nothing says "Road Trip" like classic rock! Everybody knows the tunes and everybody loves the tunes, you are guaranteed to share some special moments with this one!

90's Hits Road Trip Playlist - Millennials on the road will love this playlist and all the nostalgia-inducing hits it has! We hadn't heard some of these in years; a road trip is a perfect time to be reintroduced to things you used to love!

Road Trip 2021: Best Hits - Wanna bring in the more current music to satisfy all the Gen-Z'ers in the car, haha?! This mix is a great combination of moody hits and pop standards!

The only thing more important than a great playlist is making sure your vehicle is ready for the task ahead. Our team of ASE-Certified Auto Technicians are specially trained to provide you and your family with the best service possible. 

The CARSTAR Robert's Collision & Repair loves a good road trip, and we can’t wait to give these playlists a spin for ourselves. A road trip from Monterey to Yosemite might be in order, maybe we’ll give that Classic Rock Road Trip Playlist a spin! Don't let a fender-bender put a damper on your holidays -- make sure you come down to CARSTAR Robert's Collision & Repair for collision repairs and friendly service! We invite you to schedule an appointment at


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