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Our Favorite Road Trip Playlists for the Holidays

Image by Автошкола ТЕХНИКА from Pixabay 

The holiday season is the perfect time to hit the road with your family and friends. One of the rare and cherished moments where everyone gets the same days off, and you can plan a little fun together. Nothing enhances that road trip bond like belting your favorite song together as the road rushes by!

Everyone’s ideal road trip looks different. Some people like to plan their trip out meticulously, packing in as many sights and stops as possible. In contrast, other people want to hit the road and see where the highways take them. Whichever one you are, we all have one thing in common; we love a fantastic road trip playlist to set the mood. In the spirit of the holidays, we put together a shortlist of our favorite road trip playlists!

  1. Christmas Pop - This playlist is full of fun Christmas songs from all your favorite pop stars!

  2. Christmas Classics - Packed to the brim with all the Christmas classics, this playlist is sure to bring a sense of holiday cheer to your road trip!

  3. New Music Holiday - This playlist takes the trip in a more modern direction, featuring more recent renditions of class songs.

  4. Acoustic Christmas - You can’t go wrong with the relaxing tones of an acoustic guitar on a holiday road trip; this playlist will help wash away the stress from the year.

  5. Christmas Coffeehouse - We imagine the forest rushing by as you take that family trip through Big Sur. Let the relaxing sounds of this playlist guide your family through the bounty of nature surrounding you.

Take some time to unwind from the crazy hustle & bustle and hit the road this holiday season. 2020 & 2021 have been pretty rough, and we all deserve to let our hair down and sing our favorite songs with one another. Before you hit the road, make sure you have your vehicle looking its best!

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