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Our Romance With Cars: An American Love Story

There’s something appealing and sexy about cars. For generations, America has had a passion for automobile, and today, we want to examine our cultural love affair with cars.


Sleek Sex Appeal:

Open any Car & Driver magazine, and you’ll see beautiful photographs of sleek, sexy, fast cars. The images of any featured automobile play with light bouncing off the curves, or a blurred background evoking speed. Sex sells, and auto manufacturers know how to make vehicles look slick and beautiful.



There’s something hot about raw power. What car aficionado doesn’t love gripping the steering wheel, putting the car in gear, and revving the engine? I remember driving my husband’s Mazda Miata around the Santa Cruz Mountains one day, and I felt like I was driving a rocket. I loved driving that tiny car with the top down, hugging the curves of the winding road, and feeling like I was the coolest chick on wheels!



When we are kids, we don’t have assets of our own...other than maybe our piggy banks. For most teenagers, our first and biggest asset is our first car. We dreamt about that car. We saved our money for that car. We begged for that car. We realized the great responsibility of taking care of that car. It was our most prized possession, and we wanted everyone in the world to know we were finally an adult because of it.



When a guy asks a girl on a date, he has a better chance of getting the girl to say “yes” if he has a car. Otherwise, getting a ride from Mom isn’t as cool. Nor is riding the bus. For most people in the United States, having a car is imperative for courtship. The car allows you to pick her up at her place. The car allows you to drive to your favorite restaurant, movie, or social event. The car even allows for some snuggling and backseat romance. The car allows you to safely drive her home. Yes, cars are definitely part of American courtship. Without a doubt.


Self Expression:

Your car says a lot about your personality. Is your car as practical, low-key, and reliable as you are? Or, is your vehicle eye-catching, stylish, and exotic? Is your vehicle somewhere in between? Does your automobile say “family man” or “maverick”? Your vehicle is a way to express yourself, and that’s part of why we are so passionate about our vehicles.



Do you have a passion for older, classic cars? If vintage machinery is your thing, there is a lot to be excited about with automobiles. Many of us love having old cars that tell a story that is unique and special. There’s something very satisfying about driving an older, classic car that turns heads when you’re driving down the street.


If you are passionate about your vehicles, you should take good care of them. After all, it’s what we do for those we love. For high-quality auto body repair, mechanical repair, oil changes, auto paint, auto detailing, and tire service, come see us at 234 Ramona Avenue in Monterey, CA. For your convenience, schedule an appointment by calling 831-373-1534.

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