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Partner Spotlight // USAA

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We are a month into the New Year today, and now it is time to reevaluate our resolutions. Did we hit the goals we set, and more importantly, did we set the right goals? We can’t stress the importance of safety and protection enough; we see collisions every day and know what it means to prepare. This month, we would like to highlight our relationship with USAA Insurance, an amazing company we proudly call our partner.

Collisions come out of nowhere; nobody is ever truly prepared for the moment they hit. We can drive safely, park far away from other vehicles, and plan to drive in good weather, but we still can’t avoid those “act of god” situations that strike us unawares. The one thing we can do is get insured for the inevitabilities of life. We know something will happen at some point, and we can prepare insurance to meet that challenge. We want to highlight some of the reasons that USAA Insurance is such an amazing company; here are a few!

They Cover All Types Of Vehicles - Whether you want insurance for your boat, car, truck. RV, trailer, or more, USAA Insurance has a plan to fit your needs. They pride themselves on their tailor-made plans that fit each individual, and this extends to your unique vehicle situations as well.

Commercial Coverage - They have special plans tailored to fit your business needs and commercial vehicle preferences. Fleet vehicles face their own sets of unique challenges, and they are more likely to see collisions and damage; simply because they are on the road so much more than most vehicles. USAA Insurance has plans to fit these situations, and they are only a call away.

Drive Less, Pay Less - USAA Insurance understands the need for coverage, and they try their best to make that accessible for everyone. Their plans range in price and coverage, and there is something for everyone. They operate on a “Drive Less, Pay Less” model where the plan fits the amount that you actually drive.

We can’t predict the future, but we can reduce the damage when it comes. Collisions can be very expensive beyond the traumatic experience itself. Find an insurance company like USAA Insurance that can help you weather the storm; it will pay dividends in your future.

So, when you need help getting your vehicle looking good again, visit CARSTAR Robert’s Collision in Monterey, CA. Our team is experts in the detailing and collision repair world, and we take immense pride in helping our community get their sense of normalcy back. Make sure to schedule an appointment with us today and find out why we partner with such amazing companies, like USAA Insurance.


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