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Preserving Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

So, whaddya think of 2019 so far? We’re off to a roaring start here at Robert’s Collision & Repair and are looking forward to working with you whether it’s under the hood or for body work. Oh, and don’t forget we absolutely LOVE to detail your vehicle and do a great job helping you keep your paint job looking brand new! We’ve gone over this before, but since we love seeing all the beautifully well-maintained vehicles driving the streets of Monterey, we thought it was worth another post. 

  1. Park out of the sun: whether a garage, carport, or structure, keeping your car out from under the harsh rays of the sun can go far in keeping your paint from fading out too soon. Park in the shade if the others are not an option and even consider going as far as buying (and using!) a car cover. 
  2. If you insist on washing your own car, then take heed: use only the best products, spray down your car before you begin washing, wash and rinse in sections so things don’t dry out, and use paint-safe cloths to both wash and dry.
  3. Once you’ve cleaned your awesome car, take the time to wax. Read all instructions since different waxes perform, well, differently. Best to wax in the shade since your paint will respond best to waxing when it is cool.
  4. Oh dear me, make sure you occasionally have your beautiful automobile detailed! It’s a wonderful investment in the beauty of your car and the return on investment is that your paint job stays shinier longer. AND you’ll continue to be the envy of all of your friends and associates and who doesn’t want THAT?!

Those are our friendly tips of the day. We want to help you stay shiny and would be honored to be the ones to provide you with that occasional detail your vehicle’s paint job is simply screaming out for! Just like your wife, your car loves a spa day too. Happy New Year and we hope to see you soon.  


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