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Spring Showers Need May Flowers: Driving in the Rain Safety Tips

Driving in the rain can be one of the most challenging driving situations you can encounter. When it is rainy out, there is a higher chance of an accident. No matter where you live, you will encounter driving in the rain at some point. Knowing exactly how your car handles in wet conditions and how to adjust your driving in limited visibility situations will help you stay safe and alert on the road.

First of all, if you are not feeling comfortable driving, don't! If you can wait out the rain, that is your best bet. Slick conditions become dangerous conditions in a hurry; you are valuable to your loved ones, so stay safe by making safe decisions.

Have you checked your tires lately? If you have uneven tread wear, it is a good idea to have your tires rotated. Many of the tire stores will rotate your tires for free, air them up and tell you if you require any maintenance and how much life is left in your tires. Next, check your headlights, taillight, and make sure your windshield wipers are working correctly. It is a good idea to scrape your windshield with a razor blade. Use some Rain-X now, and again, it always feels good to look out of your windshield after it has been freshly cleaned.

Now for the driving tips:

First: Visibility is crucial, so turn on your headlights so you can better see and be seen. 

Second: You will want to slow down. Be sure you are driving with plenty of stopping time between you and the driver ahead of you. Driving slowly in wet conditions improves safety by a large margin, it is one of the most important things you can do for you, your family, and the other drivers out on the road. 

Third: This may seem obvious; however, using your wipers in light rain is easily forgotten. Most cars have adjustable wiper settings that will clear raindrops, so be sure to kick on those wipers and adjust the setting accordingly.

Here are a few other important tips to make a note of when driving in the rain:

Slow down slowly. It is best to take your foot off the gas and have the time to allow your car to slow itself before applying pressure to your brake pedal. 

Extend distancing between cars. Make more space between you and the vehicle in front of you; when you have reduced visibility, it is essential to make sure you have extra space to allow for reduced reaction time because you are not able to see well. You will want to keep 4-6 car lengths between you and other drivers on the road. The faster you are driving, the more significant the gap you will want to keep between you and the other drivers.

Keep a lookout for standing water. We have all heard the term hydroplaning; however, when all four tires are slipping along the water with no contact to the road, the reality of hydroplaning is terrifying. Losing traction to the road in your car feels scary, and can cause accidents if you are not prepared, so keep an eye out for standing water and if you must drive through it, plan to keep your steering wheel straight and let off the gas pedal until you have crossed the water. You want to keep your car going in the same direction, so remember to keep your steering wheel in the same position.

Defrost is your friend. When it is raining hard, the cabin of your car can become foggy when you are driving. It is already hard enough to see out the window in the rain, the last thing you need is foggy glass on the inside of your windshield causing another visual obstacle between you and the road. 

If you have safety concerns with your vehicle when driving in the rain, give us a call or come into CARSTAR Robert's Collision & Repair in Monterey, our team will always put you first. Our experts offer top-notch service and speedy turnaround times. Whether you need a full service, auto bodywork, or auto service or repair, or a complete detail, make your appointment with Robert's Collision & Repair today. See you soon!


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