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The Emerging Ride Industry

There is so much going on in the emerging ride industry. From mobile apps to self-driving cars to bigger carpooling platforms, the automotive industry is certainly changing. As our big cities get bigger and parking spaces can come at a premium, we tend to look for more alternative options. The green movement also compels us forward in making better choices when it comes to getting where we need to be. Both to cut down on energy consumption as well as simply using fewer overall resources required in the automotive manufacturing realm.

The Grab app currently serves mostly Asia, but is quickly moving into other regions, the U.S. included. It is an app used to hail a ride, whether it’s a tax, Uber, or Lyft. It’s also a delivery app, currently offering food options but with a plan to expand. Right now, the Grab app in the United States is limited: 200 cities and a partnership with Lyft. Worldwide, however, Grab reports more than 6 million rides a day with more than 100 million devices carrying the app. The future of this app, here in the U.S. and around the world, is to be able to deliver multiple modes of transportation, effectively giving the rider a single app in which to plan entire trips from Lyft to airplane to train, offering payment and planning in one simple stop while utilizing both private and public transportation options. 

When it comes to self-driving cars, it’s speculated that they won’t steal your job until 2040. Having said that, there are still endless kinks to work out as there was another recent Tesla fatality. Safety remains the number one concern. This accident showed that the vehicle sped up 4 seconds before the crash and had stopped following the car in front. While Elon Musk would like us to keep this info on the down low, it’s certainly something to be aware of as we make our decision to hail a ride home or invest in a vehicle with autopilot capabilities. It’s a reminder to stay vigilant even if the car is the one driving the car.

Another trend we are seeing in the emerging ride industry is carpooling. While this seems like an outdated option to some, crowded cities are beginning to see this as an up and coming option. This option has the ability to significantly decrease traffic congestion in cities such as New York and London. Via is a ridesharing app that currently operates in Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. and provides more than 1 million rides a month in these three cities alone. Their focus is on smart carpooling and will book multi passengers heading in the same direction. While the concept is simple, it’s also quite clever.

We can expect to see much more in the way of alternative ride options into the future. Even though this will impact the automotive manufacturing industry, it will never eliminate it as we are as addicted to our independence as much as we are addicted to our coffee. There is just something exhilarating about getting behind the wheel and putting the pedal to the metal that nothing else can ever replace. Until you completely give up your vehicle to the emerging ride industry, Robert’s Collision & Repair is here to serve you and keep your vehicle up and running. You can find us at 234 Ramona Ave. in Monterey. For best service, schedule an appointment online. 


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