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The Future of Electric Cars is Here

When we look around at all of the Prius’ on the roads around Monterey, they are nothing to get too excited about. The good news is that the auto manufacturing industry recognizes that the move away from gasoline-powered vehicles is imminent. What that means for us, the consumer, is that the further the industry dives into electric the more choices we have. Hybrids and fully electric vehicles are competing on every level even in the supercar arena. 

Whether you want to go really, really fast or you are simply interested in getting to the market while leaving the least carbon footprint possible, you have choices. Let’s take a look at what’s expected in 2020:

The 2020 Pininfarina PF0


If you are looking in the 7-figure range, the 2020 Pininfarina PF0 might just be the ticket. With 1,500 - 2,000 HP it’s going to get you off the starting line to 60 seconds in under 2 seconds. It maxes out around 250 MPH and as long as you aren’t going full throttle, you can expect to get 300 miles in between charges. 

The 2020 BMW i4

Here’s a much more reasonable choice and is expected to hit the market at around $40,000 as opposed to a million. 340-435 is the expected range on this electric model. This is the second mass-produced electric model from BMW with the first, the i3, being introduced in 2013. It’s still the ultimate driving machine and will not disappoint on that front, but it will definitely give Tesla a run for its money.

These are just two examples of what the industry is able to offer, but it’s only scratching the surface. The drive is toward being able to make these electric vehicles affordable to anyone who wants them with the ultimate push toward making the petrol-run industry a thing of the past. Starting in 2020, there will be plenty of hybrid or full-electric options under the $35K mark and that will continue to grow. 

The great thing is that we will have many options to drive eco-friendly vehicles without losing any cool point. We will still be able to rev some engines, drive fast, and hug the curves of our favorite road trip roads. The not so cool will be how to handle the environmental challenges of all the electric battery waste, but let’s take one thing at a time, shall we. Do a Google search for electric cars 2020 to get an idea of just how much the auto makers have shifted their focus to the up and coming. 


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