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The History of Toyota

Did you know that Toyota's produce more than 10 million vehicles each year? The Toyota Motor Corporation is and has been a leader of sales in Hybrid and electric automobiles, which keeps them on the leading edge of technology and demand by the people. By building cars under different brands, such as Hino, Lexus, Daihatsu, Ranze, Toyota anchored its foothold as a multinational conglomerate throughout the world.

Founded in 1937 by visionary Kiichiro Toyoda, early designs were modeled after the Chevy and Dodge Power Wagon. During WWII, Toyota was contracted to build trucks for the imperial Japanese army, which once the war was lost, both the country and Toyota were thrust into economic instability. Finally, in 1947, Toyota built its first passenger car, which helped bring them through.

In the 1950s, Toyota began importing vehicles to the United States and was also contracted to build cars for the Korean war. By the 1960s, the affordable Toyota cars became popular across the country, and by the 1980s, Toyota became the second-largest automaker.

 In 1966 the most popular model, Toyota Corolla, made its debut and held world popularity for over 30 years. More than 45 million Corollas have been sold and counting. In the mid-1990s Toyota rolled out its compact SUV the RAV4, designed for people who are looking for more room, 4WD and a taller stance for visibility while maintaining maneuverability and excellent fuel economy, it was a big hit and is still one to this day. Reliability and economy in a compact car is Toyota's business model and continues to maintain this business model today.

When the Toyota Motor company decided to dabble in the luxury car market, they developed their brand Lexus. Lexus took the world by storm, and their annual sales surpass 500,000 vehicles per year. The Toyota Motor Company has developed a business model and established a flagship brand which does its part in supporting the Japanese economy. This legacy is going strong, with no end in sight.

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