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The Importance of Fluid Exchange

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The Importance of Fluid Exchange

It isn’t just our oil that we need to worry about, our vehicles run several types of fluid, and all of them play an important role in keeping us on the road. Our vehicles contain brake fluid, engine coolant, engine oil, transmission fluid, differential fluid, and more.


The loss of fluid from month-to-month use of a car is more than most people might think. Monterey Country sees its share of variables that affect our fluids between the salty coastal air, dusty agricultural roads, and moist driving conditions. 


Our vehicles have filters that help sift out some of the airborne particulates and other things that might enter our fluid systems. However, they don’t catch everything. Temperature, particulates, and lifespan all combine to make life hard on our fluids, so let’s take a look at some of the reasons it is important to exchange your vehicle fluids regularly.

How Do Vehicle Fluids Get Dirty?

Dust from the air, metal shavings, and more accumulate in our fluids as we drive. As we mentioned, it is important to reduce particulates as much as possible; that’s what our filters do for us. However, they don’t catch everything, and eventually, particulate matter will accumulate in our fluids. When the fluids begin to look dirty, it is probably time to get them changed.

Is It Safe To Drive With Dirty Fluid?

In a worst-case scenario, if we don’t monitor our fluid health, it could lead to internal vehicle damage. Our fluids help to lubricate and regulate vital engine components; they need to do the jobs they were designed for, and to do that, they need to be clean and healthy. Imagine drinking thick and muddy water; let’s not do the same to our vehicle.

Do I Need To Worry About Fluid Viscosity?

As fluids age, they change viscosity. Beyond that, when they are introduced to heat, pressure, and particulate matter, their Viscosity changes. Fluids are designed at a very specific viscosity, depending on the job they are meant for. It’s important that we keep them that way. 


Before planning your summer trips and saying goodbye to colder weather, take some time to monitor the health of your vehicle fluids. Luckily, exchanging fluids is relatively inexpensive, and it can really help you stay safer on the road. Anything that can help you avoid a vehicle failure or collision is worth your time. If you do need help with collision repair, make sure you visit your trusted collision repair center in Monterey, CARSTAR Robert’s Collision.

Find some of the best collision repair services in Monterey Country when you visit CARSTAR Robert’s Collision. Please Schedule an appointment today via our website and come into our shop to say hi. Our community knows us for our commitment to quality care and integrity; we would love to invite you to experience that yourself.


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