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What To Do If Your Check Engine Light Goes On


Unless it’s blinking, don’t panic! If it IS blinking, you shouldn’t drive it at all. It could mean imminent damage to your catalytic converter. In case you don’t know, catalytic converter repairs are expensive. They are the most expensive component of your emissions system. Every other component of your emissions system does their smaller part before handing it off to the catalytic converter to clean up your exhaust before it hits the atmosphere.



If it’s blinking, still don’t panic. Instead, find the first safe place you can pull over and then call for a tow truck to get it to your trusted auto repair facility. This really is an indication that you could be in trouble and you don’t want to wait until your car breaks down in the middle of an intersection and your auto repair bill is astronomical before you react to that blinking light. 


If it’s not blinking, but it is on, you don’t need to immediately pull over, but don’t let it go on for too long. It could be something as simple as a gas cap that’s not on correctly or is slightly damaged. It can be something more serious as well, which is why you don’t want to wait too long to have it diagnosed. The other reason for not putting it off is that if you simply leave it on, you could miss something that is far worse simply because you have no indication that something is wrong. 



If it’s not smoking, breathe easy but do take it in to make sure it’s not something serious. Safety should always come first. Peace of mind comes in a close second! If your vehicle is acting normal, there aren’t any strange noises, smoke, or smells, and you’re getting the same gas mileage, you can feel fairly confident that there’s not a major problem hiding behind that check engine light. If it is making constant noise, gas mileage significantly declines, or it just won’t start, those are all signs of something more serious. 

If you want professional technicians to determine why the check engine light has come on, visit CARSTAR Robert's Collision & Repair. Our skilled mechanics provide the most quality auto repair in the region, and we welcome you to experience our 5-star customer service for yourself. To make an appointment,contact us. We’re located at 234 Ramona Ave, Monterey, CA. 93940  We look forward to your visit!


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