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What To Do In A Hit & Run Situation

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What do I do in a hit & run situation?

Collisions are a worst-case scenario for everyone. The beloved vehicle that you worked so hard for, your baby, is facing a situation you just didn’t see coming. Whether it’s a simple scratch or major bodywork, moving forward can be emotionally stressful and financially worrying. What makes that situation worse is when you can’t reach out to the person who did it! A hit & run!


We try as hard as we can to plan and prepare for the un-plannable, but we still get blindsided when it happens. If you are in a hit & run scenario, we suggest a couple of things.


What to do in a hit & run situation:


Stay calm


Get yourself to safety


Call someone for help


Contact your insurance agency


See if any businesses around you have cameras that might access to evidence


While none of these things will take back the fact that your beloved vehicle is now damaged, they can at least give you peace of mind, knowing what the next steps are. Just make sure you are safe and healthy before moving on to anything else!

Will my insurance cover a hit & run situation?

This is a great question, and the answer varies. We can say yes and no. It totally depends on your insurance company, the situation at hand, the evidence available, and the particular insurance plan that you are paying for. We recommend documenting everything, finding any evidence you can, and contacting your insurance company immediately.

My vehicle was damaged in a hit & run, where do I go to repair it?

This is where we come in! We work hand-in-hand with many different insurance companies to bring our customers peace of mind, knowing that their vehicle is in qualified hands. We are a preferred vendor with several agencies, meaning that we have been vetted as a high-quality and trustworthy collision repair center. Contact your insurance agency, and they will help you move forward, finding the best solution for you!

Visit CARSTAR Robert’s Collision in Monterey, CA, and we will help you navigate the complicated world of hit and runs. We work with insurance companies daily and are intimately familiar with moving forward. We want to reduce the burden of these terrible situations and bring your vehicle back to how you remembered it! Schedule an appointment today, and let us help bring this stressful chapter to a close, with a happy ending!


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