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Why Choose a Career in the Automotive Repair Industry

We live in a time when it’s getting difficult to find a good auto mechanic or plumber or other tradespersons. Why is this? As a culture, we’ve always pushed our kiddos into pursuing a college education, and we’ve downplayed the intellectual abilities of anyone pursuing a career in the trades. If you took auto shop or woodworking in high school, it was usually because you were told that you weren’t smart enough to take college-level classes. This line of thinking is killing the trades even though we need qualified people to fill these roles just as much today as always.

If you stop and think about it, don’t you want a smart auto mechanic? Of COURSE you do! We all do! There is a slow shift in our country’s perspective on intelligence. Considering that all intelligence tests were designed to test someone’s intelligence based on what the average white adult male knows, we’ve definitely missed the mark on actual intelligence. More and more today we are assessing all the varied forms of intellect and just because you can perform open heart surgery sure doesn’t mean you have any business tinkering with an engine of any sort!

As we move further into the 21st century, we recognize more and more the various types of intelligence and just how important every single one is to our overall functioning as a society. Imagine a world without auto mechanics… an Armageddon of its own with broken down and rusted out vehicles lining the streets and highways. And just like that, we’ve reverted to horse-and-carriage as the primary form of transportation. Youch!

The time is now to pursue your dreams and be appreciated for your talents. Auto mechanics are a lot like nurses… in high demand and able to find a good job almost anywhere in the country. Everyone needs a good auto mechanic and if you love taking things apart AND putting them back together, why NOT consider a career in the auto repair industry? There are many areas to consider in this field: mechanic, service advisor, management, parts, sales, and the list goes on. Dare to dream and then do it!

If you aren’t smart in the auto-repair way, don’t sweat it! Make your appointment with the well trained and experienced team at Robert’s Collision & Repair. We are passionate about the work we do and this definitely IS what we do best! Hope to see you soon!



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