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Wildfire Preparation

In the wake of what seems like an endless California fire season, the team at Robert’s Collision & Repair would like to take a moment to stand in gratitude for everything we often take for granted. While we are grateful, we also grieve for all those who have lost so much in the devastation that continues throughout our Golden State. Below are some suggestions to help you be prepared in case of a wildfire heads into your neighborhood.

What you can do before a wildfire is heading your way:

  1. Clear the brush away from your home at least 30 to 100 feet.
  2. Keep that same area free of debris and fallen leaves.
  3. Use only fire-retardant materials on for your roof, fencing, decking and any other structures close by. 
  4. Keep a clear path of at least 10 feet in and around your propane tank and barbeque.
  5. When landscaping, selectively use a ground cover that will help contain fire instead of helping to make matters worse.
  6. Create a safety checklist and practice with your family what to do if a wildfire comes your way.
  7. Make a list of the things that matter most and know where they are in case you need to move quickly. 
  8. Teach each person in your household how to use a fire extinguisher and make sure everyone knows how to use it.

What to do when a wildfire is in your area:

  1. Put as many sprinklers on your roof as possible.
  2. Have waterproof containers at the ready and then fill them up with the valuables you can’t take with you and leave them in your pool or pond.
  3. Reach out to friends/family to set up a safe place for you to go if you are evacuated.
  4. If you are evacuated, don’t wait. Nothing is as precious as the lives of you, your family/friends, and your pets. 
  5. Have your vehicle packed and ready to pull out. 

What to do if you are evacuated:

  1. Leave all the lights on so your home is easier to see through the smoke.
  2. Put ladders up against your house making it easier for firefighters to get up where they can do the most help.
  3. Disconnect any garage door openers making it possible for the door to be opened if the electricity goes out.
  4. Turn off furnaces.
  5. Turn off all propane or natural gas at the source.
  6. LEAVE.

While this is not a comprehensive list, this should get you started. Even if you live in suburbia, the Malibu fire is proof enough that no one is completely safe from mother nature. Do your best to be as prepared as possible for any emergency that might come your way. Being prepared can be the one thing that saves you, your family, and your pets. Robert’s Collision & Repair is here for all of your auto repair needs, but let’s all be thankful for the first responders who are there to serve and protect our lives. 


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