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Cool Things Inside Your Owners’ Manual

We keep our owners’ manual in our glove box for safekeeping. We may look at it time to time to answer one of our questions. However, most of us do not take advantage of this wealth of knowledge. The owners’ manual is full of beneficial, useful information.

What are some cool things inside my owners’ manual? Take a look at this list:

  • Is your vehicle equipped with remote vehicle start? In other words, can your vehicle’s engine be started from the outside? The answer will be found in your owners’ manual.

  • You may be able to lock or unlock your vehicle from the outside.

  • Have you ever looked a symbol in your car and wondered what it exactly meant? The owners’ manual has this information.

  • You can learn how to store a favorite radio station.

  • Most owner manuals even have tips on how to achieve a better fuel economy, and what type of gas works best for your vehicle.

  • Learn how to enable safety locks in the passenger and back seats of your car.

  • Did you know that some vehicles have valet keys hidden in the owners’ manual or somewhere in the car? Valet keys can usually unlock the driver’s side door and start car. These keys cannot unlock the glove box or trunk.

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