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Driving with Your Trusty Co-pilot, AKA Your Pet

For most of us, our pets aren’t just our pets; they are a beloved part of our family that we want to protect just as much as any other family member. We also want them happy and healthy. We love having them with us as we head out on our many life adventures and there is much we can do to keep our loyal travel buddies’ tails-a-wagging’. Unless of course you’re traveling with cats, and then the tail wag isn’t so good.

Just like we need our stuff, so do they. And since they can’t pack for themselves… well, here’s a basic list of what they might need/want with them: favorite toy/toys; their regular food so not to upset their delicate intestinal balance; food and water dishes; bedding; litter box and litter; any meds they’re taking; collar and tags; grooming supplies; and fresh drinking water. 

Have them microchipped but also make sure they are wearing a collar with appropriate tags at all times. Make it as easy as possible for anyone trying to help reunite you with your best bud. Carry a recent picture just in case they get away from you while you’re traveling. Again… think of ways to make it as easy as possible for someone to find you and for someone to help you find your pet.

In many states, it is the law to have your pets restrained. It’s as much for their safety as it is yours. If they are restrained, they are less likely to be a distraction to the driver. You can put Rover in a seatbelt or restraint, but check out the safety of using such a method. It might be better to put them in a restrained/seatbelted carrier. Conduct some due diligence on the matter and go with what feels best for you and your buddy. Cats almost always do better in a carrier. 

Take time to get them used to the carrier ahead of time and take into consideration that your pet may get car sick just like a human. You can help ease the likelihood by feeding them a few hours before leaving and have ice cubes available to keep them hydrated instead of giving them large amounts of water. 

Last but not least, check ahead of time with any place you plan to stay. There are plenty of pet-friendly hotels/motels out there, but the time to find out you picked one that doesn’t allow pets is definitely not late at night after you’ve paid for the room. Take your time when planning your trip with your pet and the both of you should have an awesome time!

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